February 13, 2018 | Net Health

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Medicare Therapy Cap Repealed

Good news! After two decades, a permanent end to the Medicare Therapy cap was signed into law on February 9th.  The repeal of the therapy cap was included within the spending bill passed in the early hours last Friday, by both the House and the Senate.  This was a great victory for the APTA and their constituents as they’ve made this initiative one of their top priorities. APTA President Sharon L. Dunn, PT, PhD, said this, “Our collective efforts will drive the association’s work to ensure that guidance to implement the new policy is favorable to PTAs and the profession, while ensuring access is not limited for those in need of our services.”

Net Health will continue to support you through our ReDoc software, giving you the tools you need to track your Medicare dollars.

-Sheila Cougras, Director of Compliance

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