November 7, 2018 | Net Health

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PTs, OTs and MIPS: Now that the Final Rule is released…

A few days ago, CMS released the Final Rule that covers MIPS (the Merit-based Incentive and Payment System), and everyone’s been wondering what the final language would require. Here’s a tidy, high-level look at how physical therapy and occupational therapy providers will be affected.

Thanks to the smart team at FOTO (Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes) for pulling this snapshot-level insight together so quickly. Read their whole post here.

A couple of highlights:

  1. A simple explanation of who is required to report for 2019.
  2. Still not sure? The post links to this amazing resource where you can search by NPI # and find out if you’re required to report (there’s also a handy link to find your long-lost NPI # if you don’t have it committed to memory).

ReDoc powered by xfit® users will have the chance to report to automate their own MIPS reporting for 2019 if they submit via FOTO’s official registry. For more information, visit FOTO’s site.

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