October 30, 2020 | Net Health

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Net Health Artist Commemorates Annual Employee Event With A Custom Mural at HQ

For the past several years, Net Health has held its annual all-company employee engagement event called CONNECT. Our most recent CONNECT was a completely new experience as it seamlessly mixed high-quality live production with a wide-array of pre-recorded entertainment.

It. Was. Awesome.

One important component of CONNECT is tying-in the visual arts, so each year we identify an artist from one of our cities to create an original piece of artwork. The artwork is then displayed in one of our offices and a replica is given to the speakers at the event as a thank-you gift. For the first time in CONNECT’s history, the artist is a Net Health employee: Nathan Ferdinand.

Nate’s artistic ability was discovered throughout several zoom calls, as a  large, lush, and colorful mural is painted in his office. Nate explains how the opportunity to paint a mural for CONNECT came to fruition.

“If you know me or have been on a Zoom call with me, you know I have a mural in my office. I would get a lot of comments about it and I’d get asked who made it. I think it was Josh (Pickus) who first asked me about the mural and who drew it. A few days later, I got a call from one of Net Health’s founders, Patrick Colletti, asking if I was interested in coming to Pittsburgh and drawing a mural for Net Health. Of course, I said yes and told him I was really excited about it.”

For this special occasion, we captured the start-to-finish process of Nate creating his mural that’s prominently displayed on the third floor of our Pittsburgh office.

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