July 5, 2022 | Net Health

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Net Health Community Brings Healthcare Industry Peers Closer Together

Many EHR software solutions nowadays help those in the healthcare field provide optimal care to their patients as well as navigate their day-to-day tasks and responsibilities via a paperless format. But what happens when you have questions about certain features within the software or you’d like to interact with other professional experts who can provide you with additional valuable tools and resources? That’s where Net Health Community comes in.

With the final Net Health Communities launching early July, all Net Health clients will enjoy a richer experience through this exciting client engagement platform.

What is Net Health Community?

Over the years, Net Health clients have asked for new ways to engage and connect, along with quick and easy answers to questions they may have and streamlined information that can help them better understand best practices for the product they’re working with.

In early 2022, Net Health Community was designed with the goal to make a difference in clients’ lives and in their line of care.

“Community contains all the ingredients for world-class service,” explained Rebecca Claus, Vice-President of Client Services and one of the founding leaders of this ongoing, growing effort. “It’s an engagement tool for clients to communicate and share their experiences. Net Health’s Community clients can gain answers to product questions, collaborate with like-minded peers and more.”

Net Health Community Features and More 

Seamless access to a complete knowledge base and available answers around the clock is key. And now, Net Heath Community allows clients to make the most of a self-service platform that does just that. As part of the platform, Net Health clients can utilize a number of different features and capabilities, including the following:

  • Access to experts
  • Training videos and material
  • Application support
  • Ask a Question forum
  • Product enhancement requests
  • Chat capabilities
  • Keyword and search capabilities
  • Product and educational announcements
  • Webinars and other upcoming events
  • Gamification and more

Clients can also personalize their profile via their own account home page. With more action tools in development for later this year, clients will be able to continue to explore a number ways of stay engaged and connected with each other when it matters the most.

Since its debut, several clients have already responded with enthusiasm and great optimism and hope for the platform’s future. Crystal Glaim of Banner Health recently started using Net Health Community in her own health system workplace. She describes her experience as “I feel like having Net Health Community is a miracle!”

The Future of Net Health Community 

Much is still underway as Net Health Community continues to grow and expand in 2022. Additional content and features, and even the ability to create new cases, are in the works with the aim to meet clients where they’re at and respond to their every product need.

 “We plan to continue to enhance the features and offerings within the Community so that we can bring added value to our clients,” said Rebecca. “There’s a lot we are going to work on in the next year or so. This is just the beginning.”

If you are interested in learning more about Net Healthy Community, new clients are encouraged to reach out to sales@nethealth.com. Existing clients can find out more by emailing community@nethealth.com.

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