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April is Occupational Therapy Month. Come celebrate it with us!

It’s April, ya’ll!

Take a break from smelling the blooming daffodils, put down the bag of mulch, and celebrate another treasure from the month of April: Occupational Therapy Month.

With over 213,000 occupational therapists, occupational therapy assistants, and students improving patients’ lives, it’s important we take notice and celebrate the work they accomplish every day.

What’s OT?

Occupational therapy helps patients recover through the therapeutic use of daily activities and enables people of all ages to live life to the fullest by promoting health. Preventing or adjusting to living better with injury, disability, or illness is a key focus. For example, practitioners can help a military veteran overcome physical injuries such as the loss of a limb or guide their reintegration into society by helping them with mental difficulties such as Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). 

So if you know an occupational therapist or have the opportunity to interact with one, thank them for their contribution to our communities and making the lives of people better on a daily basis.     

*Resume smelling flowers and laying down the mulch*

Learn more about occupational therapy by visiting The American Occupational Therapy Association.

Unsure how to celebrate Occupational Therapy month?  Here are 10 ways YOU can!

Mark your calendars, folks, October is National Physical Therapy month. Learn more about it here and read what Abbey Stanley believes is the most gratifying part of being a physical therapist.

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