February 12, 2021 | Net Health

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The Working Moms of Net Health: Helping Career Mothers to Thrive

Net Health’s Director of Demand Generation, Allison Yennie, understands firsthand the many pressures working moms can carry. As a mother to her 11-year-old daughter, Emma, as well as a leader of other mothers at work, she was inspired to start the Working Moms of Net Health group.

“It is rare that our roles and experiences as mothers don’t make any impact on our careers and day-to-day work life,” she explains. “This group is aimed to support and encourage our well-being as mothers, which will consequently improve our work life.”

Kicking off the Launch of Working Moms of Net Health

The Working Moms of Net Health group officially launched this week, kicking off the festivities with a virtual “meet-and-greet” style grand opening. A Bring Your Kids to Work Hour followed, which entailed kid-friendly virtual activities while moms across Net Health enjoyed fellowship with other working moms. The group plans to meet regularly to socialize, share tips around working from home with kids, and hear from senior leaders in the company on their own experiences with balancing career and motherhood.

The Working Moms group recognizes that climbing the career ladder and raising children don’t have to be mutually exclusive, and therefore will actively support career aspirations for mothers by serving as a resource and sounding board on various aspects of career growth via a family-friendly workplace. Leaders and employees of all levels and stages of motherhood will meet to share helpful resources, tips and trainings that have helped them in growing their professional careers. And while career support for mothers will be a major focus, the group will also devote some time to relax and reset. Meditation classes, casual coffee dates and fitness activities will all be offered as a part of the group’s recurring catch ups.

Net Health’s Mission Through a Mother’s Lens                                             

Allison hopes the Working Moms group can share a unique perspective on Net Health’s core purpose by “filtering it through the lens of our roles as mothers.”

“At Net Health, our mission is to connect our caregivers with their calling; and as moms, we are the ultimate caregivers,” she says.

Net Health’s support of the Working Moms group reflects the company’s recognition of mothers as the valuable assets to business they truly are. By fostering the support and understanding of a mother’s perspective at work, Net Health allows moms to bring their full selves to their roles in and outside of the boardroom.

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