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What’s brand got to do with it? Absolutely everything.

Good branding goes beyond just a memorable logo. It increases the value of a company and shows your audience what you stand for. A brand is a set of promises and commitments a company either keeps or doesn’t keep. Itʼs also the sum of how your employees feel at work, your reputation, your culture, and your customer service. Your clients can tell how your brand and business operates just by how someone answers the phone.

When all of these factors work well, your business results in having an overall healthy brand.

  1. Branding improves recognition

    A major component of your brand is the look and feel, including your logo. Being consistent with the colors and font is critical when it comes to creating your brand. Having standards that you strictly follow will create a sense of professionalism while also making you recognizable.

  2. It connects your customers emotionally & builds relationships.

    By expressing your companyʼs values and culture to the outside world, this will attract customers that have similar beliefs and will build trust.

  3. Branding builds value

    Whether it be financially or just a client appreciating you, having a great brand will make your business seem bigger than it actually is. Companyʼs that have their brand together appear to be more sophisticated and valuable than businesses that donʼt. This means when it comes to investing, selling, or purchasing you will come across as more valuable than the company that doesn’t even know what their logo is.

How to build a better brand:

Donʼt be afraid to express your core values to your audience. This will help people connect with you and builds trust. Increase brand awareness by putting your logo on all the material you produce. Be consistent with the colors and fonts you use. This helps people to recognize your business. Brand starts on the inside. Make sure your employees are happy and that will translate to how your clients feel and how they are being treated.

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