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A Wound Care Provider’s Alaska Adventure Begins

Join us as we follow the experiences of one wound care nurse’s journey into private practice

Trisha Kernodle, APRN, FNP-C

With its rugged landscapes, extreme weather and diverse demographics, Alaska presents special challenges for any wound care practitioner. But Trisha Kernodle, APRN, FNP-C, is up to the challenge. She is part of a growing trend of nurses and other clinicians who, in the post-pandemic marketplace, have decided they want to do more with their experience and skills than just work in a typical hospital setting. Many want to have more freedom, autonomy and the chance to fulfill their passion and mission of caring for patients.

We spoke with Trisha, who is based in Anchorage, to find out more about what it’s like to serve her Alaskan community, how technology is transforming wound care, opportunities for providers, and the steps she is taking to launch her new venture.

Bringing Care to the People

All regions present individual challenges when it comes to medicine, but the lack of accessibility to care in rural areas can be particularly daunting. Alaska is the perfect example, as 75% of communities, including the capital of Juneau, are not connected to a road system.1 Combine that with the terrain, brutal weather, and a population with a high percentage of diabetes and related comorbidities, and you have an extremely challenging workplace environment.

While working in Anchorage, Kernodle has seen firsthand the wound care needs of Alaskan residents, particularly those in outlying villages. Alaska has one of the highest populations of patients with diabetes, meaning that diabetic foot ulcers are common.

She established her in-home service, Alaska Wound Care Solutions, in 2021.  Launching her business with referrals from area hospitals, she is now expanding her private practice, and with that, comes the challenges of setting up a new business, getting and keeping clients, billing, reporting, compliance and more!  What used to be done at the hospital is now something Kernodle must manage on her own.

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Technology That Supports Private Practitioners

One of the key decisions Kernodle made in setting up her practice was her choice of EHR software. After using various systems throughout her career, she chose Net Health Wound Care (NHWC) to help streamline all her patient information.  “Net Health is set up for wounds,” she explains. “When you start seeing patients, you don’t have time to set up various templates. With Net Health, it’s just all there.”

Through a version dedicated specifically to private practices, NHWC offers a customizable app accessible with any smart device that Kernodle says helps her to:

  • Save time on intake forms and charting with professionally written AI
  • Integrate patient billing without third parties
  • Share information easily with the “create user” function
  • Ensure compliance

“Some of the main reasons I selected Net Health Wound Care were because it’s got a proven track record and I know it’s going to make things more efficient and save me time,” said Kernodle. “I have four kids and it’s important to me to have my evenings free to be with them, not to spend on charts. It saves me at least 10 minutes per chart. I couldn’t do this without that level of efficiency.”

Medical professionals serving their communities in private practice deserve the best technology with a comprehensive and proven EHR system that streamlines patient care, billing and the other activities necessary to run a private wound care practice.

Stay tuned over the coming months to find out more about Trisha’s adventure in private practice wound care.

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Alaska Division of Public Health. “2021 Primary Care Needs Assessment.” 2021.

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