Real-World Testing Plan and Results

Net Health ®  Wound Care’s approach to real world testing reinforces our commitment to compliance with our certification criteria as a Certified Health IT Developer. Below you will find links to our Real World Testing Plans and Results as they are available.

View the 2022 Real-World Testing Plan    |    2022 Real-World Testing Results

View the 2023 Real-World Testing Plan. | 2023 Real-World Testing Results

View the 2024 Real-World Testing Plan

Certification Criterion Explanations:

In regards to Net Health Wound Care’s certification criterion of 170.315(d)(13): Multi-factor authentication, Net Health Wound Care does support identity provider-initiated logins via single sign-on. Net Health Wound Care clients can configure an identity provider with multi-factor authentication and use this authentication strategy to login to the Net Health Wound Care application, but the application does not directly support multi-factor authentication.

Notice of Standards Version Advancement Process for Net Health Wound Care

Notice of Intent to Implement HL7 FHIR US Core Implementation Guide STU 4.0.0 for 170.315(g)(10)
Issued 12/20/22
Please be advised that Net Health Wound Care has opted to leverage ONC’s SVAP process for the certification criteria at 170.315(g)(10) to adopt the HL7 FHIR US Core Implementation Guide STU 4.0.0 in its Patient and Population API Services. The adoption of the updated version will provide better forward compatibility and longevity for the APIs certified to this criterion. Because Net Health Wound Care is adopting this version in its initial certification to the (g)(10) criterion, it is expected that the adoption of the updated version will have no impact on the interoperability of the affected module.