June 17, 2020 | Net Health

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5 Key Features to Consider for Employee Health Software

Tracking and monitoring your medical staff on paper or spreadsheets increases the chance of errors and missing information. Now in the time of COVID-19, you are concerned more than ever about surveillance and keeping your employees and patients safe.

An electronic solution with workflows tailored to employee health can do the heavy lifting, enabling you to streamline daily operations and focus on more important tasks.  Specialized software may be what you need to improve compliance, efficiency, and productivity. 

If you’re a hospital or SNF employee health department that is still using paper to track immunizations, screenings, general care, etc., there’s no better time than now to consider specialized software that’ll automate key daily workflows and streamline everything from medical surveillance to compliance documentation to reporting. 

Instead of relying on hearsay about the needs of your staff or trying to make sense of complex paper spreadsheets, consider specialized software that offers workflows tailored to employee health that can help you streamline operations and gain insight into issues and opportunities. 

When shopping for specialized software for Employee Health, keep these five key features in mind:

  1. An Employee Portal that gives employees the ability to access and print their own immunization records, fill out forms in advance, and request appointments.

  2. A Manager Portal that automates communication between employee health and supervisors. Instead of manually sending surveillance reports, the reports are immediately accessible to designated supervisors.

  3. Consulting services to guide your employee health program. An experienced professional health consultant can pinpoint gaps in your program’s effectiveness, optimize the software to your unique daily workflows, and train staff on the most efficient way to document.

  4. A system that helps you comply with regulations, offering features such as automatic reminders, compliance alerts, prompts and OSHA forms to export for submission.

  5. Ability to track, monitor and report on employee exposures to viruses and other outbreaks, such as COVID-19, to ensure the safety of your staff and patients

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