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5 Powerful Reasons to Improve Patient Engagement at Your Rehab Therapy Clinic

Here’s a statistic that may jump out to rehab therapists:

Disengaged patients are three times more likely to have unmet medical needs. In addition, they’re two times more likely to delay necessary medical care.1

This is according to a study published in Health Affairs for which researchers took a deep dive into the extent to which evidence showed patient engagement – or patient activation, as it was often referred to it in the study – affected health outcomes, costs and patient experience.

What did researchers find?

“We conclude that policies and interventions aimed at strengthening patients’ role in managing their health care can contribute to improved outcomes,” they wrote, “and that patient [engagement] can – and should – be measured as an intermediate outcome of care that is linked to improved outcomes.”

In other words, making an effort to engage patients throughout their entire treatment journeys – from awareness through the completion of their plans of care, and beyond – is an essential step in helping them achieve their personal and functional goals.

It does this by helping solidify patient buy-in to these plans of care, ensuring they understand their treatments, show up to appointments, stay compliant with at-home exercise programs, and feel empowered to communicate issues or concerns with their rehab therapists.

5 Benefits of Patient Engagement

So, what does an effective patient engagement strategy look like? And, how specifically can such efforts improve patient outcomes while reducing overhead and staff burden at your physical, occupational or speech therapy clinic?

We answer each one of these questions, and more, in our latest free ebook titled, “5 Reasons Patient Engagement Marketing is Critical to Your Rehab Therapy Business Strategy.”

In the ebook, our experts define patient engagement marketing as it specifically relates to rehab therapy. They then outline the direct benefits your clinic can expect to see when your team fully commits to optimizing the patient experience.

Our ebook also discusses how leveraging technology and automation can actually save you time and resources, all while helping improve your bottom line.

To download your copy of “5 Reasons Patient Engagement Marketing is Critical to Your Rehab Therapy Business Strategy,” click the “Get the Ebook” button below.

5 Reasons Patient Engagement Marketing is Critical to Your Rehab Therapy Business Strategy

1 Health Affairs, “What Evidence Shows About Patient Activation: Better Health Outcomes and Care Experiences; Fewer Data On Costs,” Feb. 2013

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