October 30, 2020 | Net Health

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5 Spooky Things Physical Therapy Practices Can Encounter

Cauldrons are bubbling, jack-o’-lanterns are lit, and cobwebs are dangling from every corner. Physical therapy practices are embracing the Halloween spirit, but not without a few tricks getting in the way of the treats. From time-consuming manual processes to ghostly patient engagement, check out these five spooky things physical therapy practices can encounter—and how to banish them before the clock strikes midnight on Halloween.

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1. Time-Consuming and Error-Prone Billing Processes

What’s slower than a mummy and more error-prone than Frankenstein’s monster? Manual billing processes. With multiple steps in the medical billing process, even a keen eye for detail can’t help the occasional mishaps in claims generation and submission. Not to mention, this process can be time-consuming and costly should errors slip through the cracks.

Why not seek a little help this spooky season with a revenue cycle management (RCM) system? An RCM system is an all-in-one electronic solution for manual 10-step billing processes, saving private practices time, effort, and costly errors.

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2. Regulatory Compliance Challenges 

Regulatory compliance boils down to providing safe, high-quality patient care. Without the administrative functions often provided by outpatient hospital therapy programs, it’s up to the owners of private practices to manage all aspects of the business, including compliance with regulations and maintaining industry standards. Violations of these laws can result in lawsuits, hefty fines, and even the loss of licenses.

Streamline administrative functions with advanced electronic health record (EHR) software tailored to provide features and functionalities that improve compliance. Guided documentation and workflow for specific sites of care make it easy for therapists to use day-to-day and safeguard private practices from regulatory violations.

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3. Lack of Patient Engagement

There’s nothing spookier than a private practice that resembles a ghost town. Patient success relies on active engagement, from physical waiting rooms to virtual telehealth calls. If a practice has been ghosted on appointments or facing a lack of commitment from patients, both the patient quality of care and practice productivity can suffer.

Battle a lack of patient engagement with advanced EHR software. Add online home exercises to better assist patients along their plan of care (POC). Plus, implement call reminders to drive patient engagement and reduce no-show appointments week-to-week.

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4. Unknown Outcomes Data

Not knowing what the overall patient outcomes are for a practice can feel like navigating through a haunted corn maze, like walking in the dark without an understanding of the previous path and a vision for the next steps.  Practices who measure outcomes and use the data generated by that measurement to make clinical and practice decisions can get through the maze successfully.  FOTO, which is short for Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes, is the flashlight that shines a bright light on successes and opportunities for improvement.   

FOTO makes it easy at the patient level to manage episodes of care and at the broader clinic and practice levels to evaluate aggregated data and compare results with other practices around the country.

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5. Difficulty Marketing the Practice 

How can you get your small or multi-office private practice on the map? With content marketing. But, where do you start with content marketing? The process is tricky, but the Net Health Digital Marketing System (DMS) is a treat.

This innovative content marketing service helps private practices market themselves with multi-faceted content. From blogs and articles to press releases and newsletters, DMS helps give private practices a unique voice in their industry to expand their reach to potential new patients.

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Delight Therapists This Fright Night

In addition to streamlined EHR software, Net Health Therapy for Private Practice offers tiered package options to adapt our services to your clinical preferences. Reverse bad luck this spooky season with Net Health proven private practice solutions.

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