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6 Tips to Boost Senior Living Brand Credibility and Exposure

These days, you can’t talk about getting the word out about your senior living community and the services it offers without mentioning things like website traffic and search engine optimization, or SEO for short. And there’s a good reason for that.

Senior living communities, just like many other businesses, are putting more resources into online marketing efforts, with one main goal in mind: to get more people to visit their websites and learn about what they offer.

After all, marketing is all about making sure people can find you when they need you. And, a smart online marketing plan can really help with that.

So, let’s say your online marketing is doing great, your website is showing up at the top of search results, and plenty of people are clicking to learn more about your senior living community. Have you reached the finish line?

Well, it’s a good start, but you have a longer race to run if you truly want your senior living community to stand above your competitors.

Build a Foundation for Brand Credibility

When people visit your website, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve found what they’re looking for to make their final residential decisions.

Sure, it’s great that your contact info is easy to find and your community and its services are clearly highlighted, but guess what? Your competitors’ websites may be showing similar features, making it difficult for people to differentiate between the two (or more) facilities.

So, how do you make your senior living community stand out from the rest? The answer: build credibility around your community’s brand.

Building credibility is not something that happens overnight. But if you make sure your online presence has a solid foundation from which to build, it’ll be easier to show people what makes your community unique.

To help your brand stand out in a competitive local or regional senior living market, think about including the following items on your website or in your online listings:

Online Reviews

When researching senior living options, 82% of potential residents and their loved ones use reviews to learn about other families’ experiences with the communities they’re considering.1 This is simply a statistic you can’t ignore if you truly want to stand out from other assisted living communities.

So, do not be shy about encouraging happy residents and their families to leave positive reviews about your community on such sites as Google, Yelp and Facebook. This can be one of the most impactful things you do to boost your online credibility while giving families peace of mind in their decision-making process.

Resident Testimonials

While we’re on the topic of reviews, senior living communities often use resident testimonials to boost their online credibility, as well. Place your best testimonials prominently on your community’s website as well as on your social media pages.

And as you consider potential testimonials, don’t forget about your residents’ family members. Share their positive perspectives, too, as such viewpoints will truly matter to the loved ones of prospective residents.

Stories & Thought Leadership

One of the best ways to boost online brand credibility is by sharing stories as well as thought leadership as blog posts on your website. Use this space on your site to highlight resident successes and milestones, feature community programs and events, provide insight about issues such as aging in place, and simply share interesting stories about your residents.

Not only do these pieces serve to further engage those researching area senior living options, but they also help ensure your website shows up more prominently in local search results.

Important Wellness Statistics

Sharing positive resident health and wellness statistics can boost a senior living community’s credibility. It can demonstrate the effectiveness of the community’s programs, services, and care, as well as showcase a commitment to residents’ well-being.

How many residents participate in wellness programs and activities? Does their average length of stay exceed those residing in other communities? What are their satisfaction rates and/or quality of life scores? Do residents experience lower-than-average fall incidents?

In the Local Press

Positive media coverage can enhance your community’s local visibility and reputation. By showcasing its achievements, innovative programs and unique offerings, the local press can help drum up interest from potential residents and their families.

So when you get positive coverage, share it on your website and social media pages. As more people become aware of your community’s success and commitment to quality care, the chances of attracting and retaining residents can increase.

Community Events

Does your assisted living community host talks or workshops geared toward local seniors? Do you offer health clinics, fitness classes or essential screenings from area experts (i.e., rehab therapists, nutritionists, yoga instructors, etc.)? Then, post and promote this calendar of events online.

Offering such events can help foster relationships not just with potential residents, but also with community partners who can contribute to the overall well-being and success of your senior living community. They can also help you prominently stand out from other communities in your market.

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Creating Results Strategic Marketing, “8 Senior Living Statistics You Should Know,” Aug. 27, 2020.

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