October 3, 2022 | Net Health

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Exclusive Alinea + Net Health Therapy for Senior Living Integration Helps Rehab Therapy Teams Solve Efficiency Challenges

Rehab therapists who work in care facilities that utilize our Net Health® Therapy for Senior Living EHR can now operate as speedboats among tankers when it comes to what has historically been some of their most inefficient, frustrating and time-consuming processes.

This is thanks to our exclusive integration with Alinea, a solution designed to take the administrative burden off therapists by digitizing and vastly streamlining processes such as patient intake and onboarding, patient and family engagement, and screening and referral management.

These improvements – which, based on our exclusive partnership with Alinea, may now only be accessed through Net Health® Therapy for Senior Living – can save providers considerable time and money, and lead to better on-the-job satisfaction and improved patient care.

This comes at a time when many senior assisted living facilities, as well as their rehab providers, are operating with narrow margins and limited resources.

Alinea Drives Automation and Efficiency

The Alinea + Net Health® Therapy for Senior Living integration was created to reduce the administrative burden on therapy teams, increase the capacity of centralized revenue cycle management teams, and efficiently engage patients and external powers of attorney (POAs) through seamless automated processes.

The Alinea founders realized that many skilled nursing and assisted living rehab therapy providers still rely on labor-intensive and hard-paper processes to onboard patients, verify benefits, gain consents, resolve prior authorizations, collect patient payments, and support communications between therapists in the field and centralized teams.

As such, Alinea developed innovative solutions to solve these problems and expand the productivity and profitability of rehab providers.

Alinea does this by:

Streamlining patient onboarding and insurance benefit verification workflows.

Alinea + Net Health® Therapy for Senior Living helps ensure your front line is compliant, driving bottom-line profitability. Now, you can free therapists for higher-value tasks while allowing centralized teams to do more with less.  

Digitizing intake processes.

Ready to eliminate the hassle and high cost of paper intake forms and chasing consenting parties down via phone calls, faxes, and snail mail? Alinea allows providers to gain consents from remote POAs in minutes instead of weeks. If patients are their own consenting parties, forms are quickly completed onsite via tablets.

Simplifying complex prior authorization workflows.

Alinea reduces delays in services and eliminates the delivery of non-reimbursable services while removing the need for therapists to be highly trained insurance pros.

Collecting copayments and out-of-pocket payments.

Alinea increases the speed and ease of patient payments, including amounts previously at high risk for write-offs.

Family Engagement with a Competitive Edge

While Alinea excels at engaging patients and remote consenting parties to increase the compliance and speed of intake processes, the engagement potential does not stop there.

Alinea Family Link highlights the great work your therapists are already doing, allowing them to share personalized therapy updates with authorized family members – even pictures and videos – without increasing their workload.

The more families understand the benefits of rehab therapy, the more their appreciation and loyalty grow for the therapy team, increasing the likelihood of requests for continued services.

HIPAA-compliant direct messaging within Alinea is also a great adjunct for Family Link, allowing efficient communication with providers, when necessary. This includes sharing attachments.

The competitive edge provided by Alinea Family Link extends beyond rehab therapy providers growing their client base, with senior living facilities promoting its benefits to prospective residents and their families. It’s a true differentiator.

Net Health® Therapy for Senior Living + Alinea: An Exclusive Partnership

Net Health® Therapy for Senior Living is the only EHR to establish an integration with Alinea. This means that for rehab providers who work in skilled nursing and assisted living environments, the advanced workflow automation and engagement opportunities described above can only be accessed through this EHR.

To learn more about how the integration between Alinea and Net Health Therapy for Senior Living can benefit your facilities and allow your rehab therapy team to focus more on patient outcomes, contact us or schedule a demo.

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