April 29, 2022 | Tannus Quatre, PT, MBA

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Digital Success = Time + Consistency: A Winning Formula for Rehab Therapy Marketing

One single visit from a patient who suffers from back pain will not likely fix their issue. Rather, multiple visits with a physical therapist over a duration of time might gradually ease the pain, setting the patient up for more long-term relief. 

Yet, each injury is unique, and a significant one can require an extensive amount of time to heal. Every person’s circumstances are different, after all. 

So, too, is every rehab therapy clinic’s digital marketing campaign. 

Like a patient with back pain, no digital marketing campaign exists in a vacuum. Each one revolves around a unique set of circumstances, and ultimately, achieving sustained, long-term success can take time.

Why digital marketing results don’t happen immediately? 

You’re Earning Trust. 

The internet is fast, but it’s not always instant. This holds true specifically when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. 

It takes time for a website to be scanned by Google’s algorithm. It can take even more time to build Google’s trust before it shows (let alone ranks) a website within its search results. This is why rehab therapy clinics that already maintain an extensive web presence wield an advantage over their competition.   

You’re Building an Audience

It also takes time to build a digital audience. Social media requires brand awareness, and it starts with your followers. If you don’t have any followers, then it takes time to earn them through quality content that’s produced and posted consistently. This also holds true for building a list for email marketing. 

You’re Competing

Digital competitors are those who have significant success with online marketing. The more digital competitors you have, the more challenges you will face as you strive to earn and maintain an effective digital marketing campaign.  

Not all physical, occupational and speech therapy clinics excel in marketing, so your business competitors can be different from your digital competitors. Rather than the clinic across the street, your greatest digital competitor may be a clinic across town.

Yet, if they do a better job targeting your demographic, they’re likely earning business from patients who could be yours.  

Digital Marketing Never Stops 

You never want to get too relaxed with your marketing efforts because the digital landscape is constantly changing. Even if Google ranks you No. 1 today, such rankings must be nurtured – earned and re-earned on a continual basis – as your top digital competitors are always gunning for the same position. 

It’s a position that can never be won and which can easily be lost with a break in consistency (i.e., blogging, social media posting, email and ad campaigns, patient engagement) or spending. 

Remember, rehab therapy is a competitive space, and the moment you stop or slow down, it opens the door for other clinics to gain a piece of your audience … and your potential patients. 

Don’t Overlook the Value of Patient Engagement

Also, keep in mind that marketing does not stop once you get a patient in your door. Their experiences at your clinic, with your front-desk and rehab therapy team, and even between visits can also affect your bottom line over both the short and long term. It can also lead to better overall patient outcomes.

Establishing a patient engagement marketing strategy is one way to earn patient trust and buy-in. Such a strategy can help ensure they complete their course of care, achieve successful outcomes, and provide valuable marketing capital for your clinic (i.e., testimonials, positive online reviews) once care is completed.

To learn more about Net Health® Patient Engagement Marketing and how it can benefit your physical, occupational and/or speech therapy practice, contact us to schedule a demo today!

5 Ways Patient Engagement is Critical

to Your Rehab Therapy Business Strategy

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