January 4, 2022 | Net Health

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FOTO Patient Outcomes (FOTO) Delivers Robust Yet Simple Data Solutions to Outpatient Therapists

Professional PT, a leading provider of outpatient physical therapy and rehabilitation services with over 200 locations in 5 states in the Northeast, recognized the importance of leveraging data to drive clinical decision making. The company knew that with the right approach, it could make major strides with improved patient results, better efficiencies, and a stronger bottom line. The problem, though, was that like many other practices, Professional PT was using antiquated methods to track, aggregate, and analyze the powerful data sources it had at its fingertips.

Thankfully, a partnership opportunity presented itself to Professional PT to graduate from the days of pen and paper tracking and homemade Excel worksheets to a seamless, professional, and efficient solution. Nearly five years ago, Professional PT partnered with FOTO Patient Outcomes (FOTO), a Net Health analytics company that provides real-time information on treatment effectiveness that enables practices of all sizes to manage quality care metrics, track patient satisfaction, and market those successes.

The results were marked, impactful, and lasting. In the 4+ years since the partnership began, Professional PT has seen year-over-year improvements in clinical outcomes, reductions in visits per episode, improved clinical engagements, improved patient satisfaction scores, and the ability to laser-focus training. All of these improvements have been made possible thanks to FOTO’s powerful, yet easy-to-use data collection, aggregation, and analysis tools that integrate seamlessly with existing EMR software.

Owen M. Lennon PT, DPT, OCS, and Director of Clinical Outcomes for Professional PT summarized the value of the partnership saying, “The ability to provide an outstanding patient experience and exceptional clinical care with insights into limiting unwanted variation has been the best part of working with FOTO.”

If you’d like to learn more about the partnership and how your organization may be able to realize the same results, we’d invite you to read the complete case study now.

Read case study: Professional PT Partners with a Data-Driven Outcome Management Solution to Accelerate Patient Outcomes & Satisfaction

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