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What is the Importance of Tissue Analytics for Wound Care?

Net Health Tissue Analytics’ Digital Mobile App Highlight of Study

Highlighting its value as a tool to help clinicians better manage wounds, recent findings from a study conducted in Australia show that the Tissue Analytics mobile app is easy to use, engages patients and drives improvements in objective and quantitative wound measurement.

Tissue Analytics, a pioneer in wound care mobile apps, is currently in use in thousands of hospitals in the U.S. and has recently expanded into the global marketplace in Europe, Asia and the South Pacific. In 2022 it was awarded the FDA’s Breakthrough designation.

Robust Study in Top Industry Journal

Published in the most recent issue of the International Wound Journal, the study is based on findings from the Australian New South Wales (NSW) Health Service. The study also marks one of the first to examine the application’s performance among multiple and varied stakeholders.

The NSW tested Tissue Analytics in a multisite study (aged care ward, colorectal ward, dermatology clinical in a hospital setting) and primary care physician office. The study involved nurses and physicians trained to use the app with their patients.

From June to October 2020, they trialed the app on 124 patients who formed the intervention group. The data collected was compared with data from a group of 124 patients who received standard care from December 2019 to March 2020. The study had to be temporarily stopped in March 2020 due to the pandemic but restarted after three weeks.

Study Results Highlight Value of Mobile Apps

Healthcare providers (doctors and nurses) found the TA platform to drive improvements in objective and quantitative wound measurement and consistency of care documentation. Clinicians specifically noted the app was “easy to use” – especially for assessment, tracking and monitoring patients’ healing process. 

Not only does Tissue Analytics promote consistency and ease of data capture for clinicians, but it also functions as a patient adherence platform and supports patient involvement and accountability during the treatment regimen.

As per interviews in the Australian study, patient-participants said they were “strongly” satisfied by the telehealth capability of the app. The study’s authors also noted that using the app saved patients time and cost, especially travel.

 “We’ve believed in and have seen the value of automated wound analysis for close to 10 years now,” said Kevin Keenahan, cofounder of Tissue Analytics and a Senior Vice President with Net Health. “Other studies have shown its value, but this is one of the first outside of the United States to prove the benefits of mobile wound analysis and highlight the ease of use for providers and patients. Our hope is that findings like this encourage more organizations to adopt advanced wound imaging and documentation.”

Find out More

You can read the full study, Reshaping wound care: Evaluation of an artificial intelligence app to improve wound assessment and management amid the COVID-19 pandemic here and an article summarizing the study in Healthcare IT News here.

Learn more about how Tissue Analytics helps hospitals and wound care providers improve quality, outcomes and reimbursement by scheduling a demo.

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