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Introducing Patient Engagement Marketing Tools – Net Health

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New Patient Engagement Marketing solution supports patient acquisition, retention and engagement

Pittsburgh, PA – February 1, 2022 — To help clients meet the demands of today’s healthcare delivery marketplace, Net Health today announced the availability of Patient Engagement Marketing. The new suite of tools enables providers in various healthcare settings to expand their businesses and boost revenue using digital technologies that improve patient acquisition, retention and engagement.

The new solution is available for clients of the company’s specialty electronic health record (EHR) solutions in therapy, wound care, home health and hospice.

Developed by industry experts and through close collaboration with clients, the comprehensive solution enables providers to market their businesses using digital tools such as automated online reputation building with local near-me search and reputation management. The range of features helps providers enhance their relationships with patients through highly personalized communications that are efficient, timely, and easy to use.  Additionally, providers are able to maximize existing staff and resources and increase convenience for patients with features like digital intake forms and patient appointment requests.

“Patient Engagement Marketing brings two critical benefits to healthcare providers,” said Josh Pickus, CEO of Net Health. “First, it allows providers to attract and retain more patients without sacrificing their focus on providing care. Second, it allows providers to engage with patients in a meaningful manner. Good communication is one of the most important dimensions for motivating patients to complete their care plans, which can significantly improve outcomes.”

Offers Deeper View of Patient Experience

Patient Engagement Marketing enables a deeper view of patients’ entire experience with their providers, incorporating all communications and clinic marketing tools into one comprehensive solution. Benefits include:

  • Automated Online Reputation Building – Patient Engagement Marketing automates and improves patient review capture, promotion, and online reputation management. It optimizes online directories to increase the likelihood prospective patients will find and choose the client’s facility over competitors.
  • Personalized Patient Communication – Clinics can connect with patients outside of visits, strengthening patient-provider relationships and enhancing the overall experience. Throughout treatment, patients are kept on track and motivated with timely, personalized messages using their preferred method (SMS/email). The tailored approach increases the ease with which patients can participate in their treatment and boosts satisfaction.
  • Digitized Patient Experience – Patient Engagement Marketing maximizes existing staff and resources by minimizing time spent on routine patient follow-up (digital intake forms, patient satisfaction surveys, review requests, appointment reminders, etc.) with automated patient-provider messaging integrated directly into the EHR. Intake forms are digitally and automatically uploaded to the EHR, saving patients time in the clinic. Patients also can request appointments at their convenience without calling the clinic.
  • Advanced Patient Outcomes – For therapy providers, Patient Engagement Marketing also incorporates FOTO, the industry leading patient outcomes management system for rehab therapists. FOTO data collection follows a patient’s journey, capturing their perception of their condition/functional ability from the first visit through discharge.  Additionally, leveraging FOTO’s predictive analytics, therapists can show patients the predicted number of visits it will take to meet their functional goals and highlights the progress they’ve made to date. This reduces no-shows and self-discharges, improves plan of care completion rates, and preserves revenue.

For a complete list of features and benefits and more information on Net Health’s Patient Engagement Marketing, visit https://www.nethealth.com/patient-engagement-marketing/.

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