August 19, 2020 | Ben Montgomery

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Leverage Press Releases to Promote Your Rehab Therapy Brand

Press releases are a tried-and-true method for distributing information to a broad population about the latest inner-workings of our businesses. Physical therapists are beginning to warm up to the idea of using press releases to educate our audience on the value of physical therapy, share big news, and ensure that physical therapy is always part of the storyline. Technology has given us easier, more streamlined platforms for staying connected with patients and the media.

If you’d like to take better control of the narrative surrounding your brand, using press releases is a powerful tool.

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My job is to help rehab therapists promote their businesses through content and media relations, and I’m a big believer in using press releases for building a brand. I often get asked the question, “What can I do to make my press release more effective – to ensure it’s seen by more people?” And while it’s a broad question, the answers are rather simple.

Here are a few ways to use press releases to share information while building relationships and your brand simultaneously:  

  1. Make sure your content is newsworthy 
    When considering a PT-related topic to promote via a press release, it’s best to focus more on information people can use. Talk about how PT and movement can help solve problems that a large number of people experience in everyday life and provide examples. This approach will build credibility with writers and editors.

  2. Distribute to people, not organizations
    When it comes to creating a local media list and eventually distributing a press release, I avoid sending to general “newsroom@” or “editor@” addresses.  I suggest taking the time to learn which specific writers and editors are most interested in topics related to health, activities, lifestyle, and movement, and send your press releases directly to these people, along with personal messages.

  3. Give them a call
    A couple of days after emailing a press release to local journalists and writers, take the time to follow up via a quick phone call. Don’t give them a hard pitch; rather, simply ask if they received your release and if they have any questions for you, pointing out that you’re always available should they need any professional sources for future articles. Let them get to know you and where your proficiencies lie and use these moments to create relationships that can benefit your brand in the future.

Our brand and reputation are everything. When there’s an opportunity to spread the word about our business, we should do so strategically and with proven practices. Press releases are almost as old as time and continue to be effective in 2020. Keep that and these tips in mind the next time you want to inform your audience of your great, exciting news! 

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