December 18, 2013 | Net Health

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Maureen’s Milestone Marathon

“If I paid attention to stereotypes, my running ‘career’ would have never happened. I don’t look like a runner and probably never will.” Few would guess that these words came from someone who had just completed her 100th half marathon! Net Health Sales Support Specialist, Maureen Bowen, began running marathons in February of 2007. Reflecting on the completion of her very first half marathon in New Orleans, she recalled, “I was hooked—notice I didn’t say I was fast.” From New Orleans, Maureen continued to run at least one half marathon in each state. She returned to her hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana to complete her milestone half. Despite her humility and playful attitude towards running, we are proud of the amazing feat Maureen accomplished this past Sunday, as she ran in below freezing temperatures with snow on the ground to complete her 100th half marathon!

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