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Net Health is Celebrating National Wound Healing Awareness Month

Highlighting the work of wound care specialists and those they treat

June is National Wound Healing Awareness Month; an event organized annually by the American Board of Wound Management Foundation (ABWM). This month is dedicated to educating the public on the necessity of wound care management in outpatient facilities and celebrating the specialists who treat and support wound care patients. In addition to Wound Healing Awareness Month, the ABWM Foundation designated June 14–June 18, 2021, as Certified Wound Care Specialists Week, which honors all practitioners certified by the American Board of Wound Management, including Certified Wound Care Associates, Certified Wound Specialists, and Certified Wound Specialist Physicians.

There has been a rising demand to treat chronic wounds. Outpatient facilities are seeing more patients at high risk for chronic wounds, including the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, cancer and immune deficiency.1 A look at some of the latest numbers in the US emphasize the need to focus on wound care: of the 54 million people aged 65 and older2, 30.3 million Americans have heart disease3, and 34.1 adults suffer from diabetes4 each year, an estimated $5 billion is spent on diabetic foot ulcers.5 All of these numbers are projected to grow. 

A New World of Wound Care

Those seeking treatment for their chronic wounds are faced with many complexities, and so are the practitioners who care for them. When a wound fails to mend on its own, it is the healing path set in motion by trained specialists, along with the available medical interventions, that allows a patient to find the most efficient and effective relief possible. 

Fortunately, technological advances have helped clinicians meet the rising demands of a post-COVID world. Telehealth options, such as those offered within Net Health’s Wound Care application, make it possible for outpatient facilities to meet the needs of their patients from anywhere, at any time. This advanced EHR solution provides the ability for clinicians and staff to cover the entirety of a patient’s needs from the beginning of care until healing is complete, often without the need for in-person visits.

For those who suffer from chronic wounds, access to outpatient care is essential. Each case requires its own treatment plan, and whether it develops as a result of an underlying condition or an injury, the plan put in place will determine the speed and the success of the healing process. A quick analysis with state-of-the-art tools, such as Net Health’s Tissue Analytics, can give specialists the in-depth information needed to determine a course of action.

As the medical world continues to grow and adapt, we can all be thankful for the improvements being made to the world of wound care. During National Wound Healing Awareness Month, we celebrate the ability to continue making advancements and praise the amazing people at the forefront of treatment.

Want to learn more about National Wound Healing Awareness Month and the work to treat chronic wounds? Check out ABWM’s site at https://wham-abwmfoundation.org and the latest telehealth technology from Net Health Wound Care or call 800.411.6281.

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