March 11, 2021 | blake I

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Net Health’s API Agreement with Kent Imaging Highlighted in BioWorld MedTech

“Talk to any doctor treating a diabetic foot ulcer and you’ll learn two things: poor oxygenation makes it extraordinarily difficult for the wound to heal. Second there is an enormous lack, a clear, unmet need across the globe of appropriate, ongoing medical assessment of non-healing wounds.”  That’s how leading industry trade publication BioWorld-MedTech summarized the challenges facing providers treating non-healing wounds like diabetic foot ulcers.

It’s also why the recent partnership between Kent Imaging and Net Health is generating a lot of buzz within the wound care community. Under the agreement inked in January, Net Health’s new application programming interface (API)  will enable Kent Imaging’s Snapshot technology to link its technology directly with Net Health’s industry leading EHR platform, used by 98% of the nation’s largest hospital chains . 

The importance of the agreement to wound care providers is clear.  BioWorld notes, “there are many ways to treat diabetic foot ulcers, for example, but absent a better way to understand this [oxygenation levels], doctors don’t know which therapy to use at any stage of wound development.”  And that’s where Kent enters the picture. Kent Imaging’s Snapshot uses near-infrared light to determine how much tissue oxygen saturation has, or has not occurred, in a wound.  Because the information from Snapshot is incorporated into the EHR at every visit, providers can better identify optimal therapies to use at any state of wound development, helping to improve outcomes and lower costs. 

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