December 14, 2020 | Net Health

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Podcast: Digital Transformation and Remote Workforce – Net Health

Net Health’s CIO and recent winner of CIO of the year Jason “JJ” James was recently invited on QTS Experience, a podcast that features technology experts making a difference in the data center world and beyond.  David McCall, a data guru and host of QTS Experience, interviewed JJ and dissected the idea of digital transformation, how it’s transforming the remote workforce and the importance of evolving during and after the pandemic.

In an interesting episode titled “Digital Transformation: The Forced Evolution of the Business Sector,” JJ shared his view on digital transformation as the future of all remote work life, key enablers for maximizing a productive remote workforce, and how enterprises with the help of CIOs are reassessing operation and workforce strategies to adapt during the pandemic times.

“Covid-19 is the largest accelerator to digital transformation, and one of the things we were concerned about is the transition to remote working could affect our culture and create a disconnected,” said JJ. We looked at one common denominator that we had which is technology, and explored how we can help keep people connected and at the same time help them remain productive.”

In terms of what the future holds post-pandemic, JJ also reflected on key areas of concern such as:

  • How high technology powered by AI, IoT, etc. is reshaping the remote workforce?
  • Going back to the office – what changes will take place
  • A new generation of more advanced collaboration tools
  • How enterprise are tackling internet shortfalls with the introduction of high-speed broadband internet to support the remote workforce?

Listen in to this detailed Digital Transformation episode and hear JJ’s view on how digital transformation is paving way for a remote workforce.

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