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Productivity: Why This KPI Matters for Skilled Nursing Rehab Therapy Teams

Rehab therapy teams today are increasingly turning to additional tools and resources that help them maximize efficiency when caring for patients at skilled nursing facilities (SNFs).

In this spotlight on key performance indicators (KPIs) blog series, we will look at the different types of KPI rehab therapists can measure and how they can provide actionable insights for SNF therapy staff.

Productivity KPI: Why It Matters for SNF

Productivity is one of the most important KPIs for SNF rehab therapy teams. When measured, it reflects the level of efficiency that exists throughout the day-to-day operations of a rehab therapy team, which may consist of physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, certified occupational therapy assistants, and other staff members.

An EHR software solution that has a highly visual dashboard can make it simple to understand and measure productivity through drill-down capabilities, including the ability to look at and identify the following:

  • The discipline of each particular therapist
  • The site at which the therapist is working
  • Time spent with the patient
  • Productivity trends throughout the year

It’s essential for SNF rehab therapy teams to track this metric because productivity fuels overall efficiency and it can have an impact on key areas such as compliance, billing and patient treatments.

To break it down further, efficiency measures look at the performance of the rehab team as a whole. Optimally, the best productivity measures will also reflect the efficiency levels of a particular region or company.

Ways SNF Rehab Therapy Teams Can Measure Productivity KPI

Productivity for the treating rehab therapist is, mathematically speaking, viewed as the number of treatment minutes divided by labor minutes. For example, if a rehab therapist has 8 hours of labor, and 6 hours of treatment, that will amount to 75 percent productivity.

Just as important as therapist productivity, however, is the overall efficiency of the rehab department. When rehab therapy teams are setting goals for their department and patient care, they are encouraged to consider the following questions:

  • How can I help create an environment with more productivity?
  • What are the benefits of improved productivity?
  • What does this mean for rehab departments?
  • What does this mean for our patients?

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Ways SNF Rehab Therapy Teams Can Improve Productivity KPI

If productivity measures are not being met, a reliable EHR software solution can help eliminate inefficiencies and poor documentation.

For example, the patient documentation process is an area where productivity levels can be improved. Whether jotting down notes and patient information on a laptop or tablet, for example, and completing documentation at the point of patient care can help increase overall efficiency.

Another effective option for SNF rehab therapy teams is to turn to a therapy software solution that allows physicians to electronically sign documents.

Too often, staff members are tasked to print out documents and then seek a physician to sign them, all of which can be time-consuming. With an advanced digital solution in place, however, rehab therapists no longer have to rely on cumbersome documentation or poor technology.

Net Health Optima makes it possible for rehab therapy teams to increase productivity with a variety of sophisticated features that streamline documentation, billing and engagement. Added solutions such as CliniSign can save your team hours in acquiring, tracking and organizing physician signatures required by SNF and senior living rehab therapy teams.

In addition, Net Health’s Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards enable rehab therapy teams to measure performance in key areas, gathering actionable insights from operational, financial and clinical data. Learn more about our BI solution by scheduling a demo today.

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