April 27, 2023 | Net Health

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Redefine Referral Sources for Your Rehab Therapy Private Practice

A solid referral network serves as the foundation of any successful rehab therapy clinic. But, it is especially integral to a private rehab therapy practice. 

Without a hospital, health system or adjacent entity supporting patient flow and other business operations, the profitability of a private practice relies wholly on the number of patients who walk through the door. This, of course, includes patients who were directed there by traditional physician referrals.

What happens, though, if your pool of referral sources dries up?

If you’re looking to revamp your referral network, you might be surprised to learn that the best place to start is by redefining your idea of a referral completely. 

Is Your Referral Network in Need of an Update? 

When nurturing the referral network for your private rehab therapy practice, it’s all too easy to assume that referrals must stem from fellow medical providers. 

While it’s true that clinicians and surgeons in the local medical community are pillars of a solid referral network for rehab therapists, you cannot lose sight of other members of the local community who can serve as referral sources as well.

Beyond the medical field, professionals and patient advocates exist in various corners of your community who can direct traffic to your private practice. 

New Channels for Your Referral Network 

It may be time to leverage your locality to drive new channels for your referral network. Tap into these channels to grow your private rehab therapy practice:

1. Your Local Community

From school athletic departments to senior living centers, your local community is full of coaches and directors in need of reliable physical therapy services like injury screening and mobility training. Attend social events at the local activity center or host workshops at the senior center to become the local point of contact for rehab therapy.

2. Local Businesses & Organizations

Many influential members of your community are also local business owners. Whether you attend a Chamber of Commerce meeting to mingle and promote your practice with other professionals or provide literature like rack cards about injury prevention to running or cycle store owners, local businesses can direct traffic to your rehab therapy practice.

3. Local Search 

Aside from physical locations, referral channels also exist on local digital channels, like Google Search results and community forums. Ramp up your digital marketing efforts and begin working on your online reputation to enhance your discoverability on local search. Likewise, request reviews from satisfied patients to drum up additional exposure. 

Redefine and Refresh Your Referral Network

With multiple facets of your local community serving as easy conduits for referral sources, now is the time to redefine how you view your referral network. If you’re unsure where to start, begin with the tools you have readily available: your patients.

Our Net Health Patient Engagement Suite, which works in tandem with our Net Health Therapy for Clinics EMR solution, helps therapists create a positive patient experience. The goal is to achieve optimal outcomes while also encouraging positive referrals, such as online patient reviews. 


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