August 30, 2022 | Net Health

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The Key to Documentation Efficiency in Rehab Therapy

The problem isn’t the documentation.

As rehab therapists, you understand the importance of thorough rehab therapy documentation and the role it plays in providing patients with the best care possible.

By recording baseline data and tracking treatments and results, rehab therapists can properly assess and motivate patients throughout their plans of care to ensure optimal results. And, let’s not forget the ways accurate and compliant documentation (or the lack thereof) can affect your clinic’s bottom line.

So no, documentation in and of itself isn’t an issue for outpatient physical therapists (rehab therapists).

The problem arises from the time and effort documentation all-to-often takes to complete – time that could be better utilized focusing on patient assessments/treatments as well as on clinic performance and growth.

These are areas within which rehab therapists truly shine.

And, it’s only when tedious documentation gets in the way of what therapists do best that such tasks start to affect productivity, growth, revenue, and even team morale.

The Solution? Look to Your Rehab Therapy EMR

Fortunately, some rehab or physical therapy EMR solutions have come a long way in empowering providers with tools and features that supercharge the documentation process.

From the use of intelligent knowledge libraries that make customizations a snap to automated processes that help ensure you meet both compliance requirements and your reimbursement goals, the right EMR solution can enable your team to vastly streamline the documentation process – possibly even cut your documentation time in half.

What EMR features, then, should you be looking for if efficiency, revenue and growth are your top priorities? Our new ebook has your answers.

Our goal is to help you as private practice rehab therapists learn to:

  • Become more efficient in operating your clinic
  • Boost your clinic’s bottom line
  • Create more one-on-one time with patients
  • Establish a better work-life balance throughout your team

To learn more, download the ebook today!

5 Physical Therapy Features for Lightning-Fast Documentation

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