March 11, 2015 | Net Health

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Soooooo, how did it go?

So, how did flu season go for your clinic this year? Did the Ebola outbreak create a crisis for your organization? Have Measles and Mumps re-emerged in your area? Does the thought of maintaining your OSHA Log make you want to hide under a log?

There are so many mandates and regulatory standards to keep up with that it can make your head spin if you manage or work in a hospital-based employee health program. When accidents, injuries or communicable illnesses strike, you are out in front trying to hold the line to prevent the spread of disease and make the workplace safer for everyone.

In our inaugural Agility Flash, we’d like to provide you with some food for thought regarding surveillance activities and OSHA mandates. Agility can make it easier for you to comply with all those regulatory mandates and record keeping activities.

Our resident Net Health expert on all things regulatory, Sheila Cougras, will recap the current OSHA regulations and surveillance recommendations pertinent to hospital-based employee health clinics. This information will also be relevant for those of you who provide occupational health services either for your own staff or for other employers you serve.

Mary Ann Smeltzer, MS, RN-BC
Agility Product Manager

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