March 28, 2023 | Net Health

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Spotlight the Value of Your Wound Care Program

Emphasizing the clinical benefits and overall ROI provides data leadership understands and needs

With the financial and operational pressures on hospital and clinic administrators today, finding ways to validate the value of programs and services offered has become a necessity. Quantifiable ways to show value are essential in everything from quality ratings and documentation to avoiding penalties and increasing reimbursement.

Showing the real benefits of a wound care program is vital for other reasons as well. When leadership sees the value of a program, it can help with everything from funding for new equipment to staffing to becoming a point of pride for an organization. You can also use that information to promote the program in marketing and submit for awards.

Organizations work to highlight their value in many ways, but often these only go so far or only measure specific areas like outcomes or costs. So what’s the best way to clearly illustrate the overall value of your wound care program? It starts with ensuring you have the workflow processes and technology to provide the desired outcomes and data. It starts with focusing on delivering the best possible outcomes and care for your patients and translating those efforts into data.

Introducing Clinical ROI

With more than 20 years of experience and some of the most recognized leaders in the industry, Net Health® Tissue Analytics has developed a new wound care measurement and process improvement resource called Net Health® Clinical ROI.

Clinical ROI utilizes innovative digital technology and advanced analytics to help wound care providers align workflow processes with industry best practices, resulting in improved quality, operational and financial performance. Clinical ROI is a methodology for identifying gaps in practice and simplifying your workflow into a few steps so that you can spend more time caring for patients, ensure quality outcomes, and reduce problems that may lead to poor results, penalties and fines.

Net Health’s Clinical ROI approach covers the CORE areas of wound care – the ones that matter most for your organization. CORE is a proprietary process for wound care management developed by Cathy Thomas Hess, Net Health Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer for Wound Care. It encompasses Clinical OutcomesOperational TasksRegulatory Requirements and Economic Considerations. 

From 40 to 5

Clinical ROI also provides valuable insights into potential problem areas. For example, a pre-existing wound overlooked upon admission or not carefully documented might lead to a Stage III or IV hospital-acquired pressure injury (HAPI) – one of the CMS “never events.”  And those lead to lower reimbursement and fines that can cost hospitals thousands of dollars annually.

Check out our new ebook, “Improve Your Wound Care Program with Clinical ROI”, to find out more about Clinical ROI and how it reduce processes that used to take 15 to 20 steps and up to 40 minutes down to 5 to 6 steps and just 5 minutes. And all while improving efficiencies, quality and outcomes and giving you the Clinical ROI data needed to spotlight your successful wound care program. 

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Improve Your Wound Care Program with Clinical ROI

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