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Using Digital Reviews to Maximize Revenue in Wound Care Clinics

The power of digital marketing has led to a shift in how consumers choose healthcare services, and a business’s reputation can be greatly impacted by the reviews people leave online.

Why Reviews Matter

According to a recent study, 93% of consumers now use online media when researching local products or services.1 Making the most of this marketing platform is essential to establishing a strong online presence which, for healthcare facilities, means more patients and increased revenue. The ability to review and compare multiple wound care clinics before making a choice allows consumers to do their own research, and ensuring that reviews are present, positive and plentiful, can make the difference between a clinic being chosen or passed over.

The 4 R’s of Digital Review Marketing

Developing a system for putting reviews to work for healthcare facilities is something that Jesse McFarland, Director of Digital Marketing for Net Health, shares with those who are looking to start or improve their online presence. McFarland stresses Google as the place to start, as it is by far the most-used online resource for searches and reviews. In a recent study, 84% of people polled said they trust Google reviews over personal recommendations.2

By following the steps McFarland lays out, facilities can unlock the potential of digital reviews, reach more customers, and generate more business. He begins by explaining the 4 R’s of making a healthcare facility stand out:

Ranking – when a consumer searches online, where does a company appear on the list of options?

Review Rating – a 4-star overall rating is necessary to be in the appealing zone for consumers

Review Total – the more reviews, the better

Reply – replying to all reviews, not just negative ones, shows a high level of customer service

One of the most common questions McFarland receives is how to increase ranking on Google My BusinessTM (GMB). In addition to the 4 R’s, making sure that all business information is correct and any images posted are positive portrayals of what the business looks like, as well as the services offered, is a great place to start. Optimizing other review directories, which leads to a wider online presence, and consistency of information across websites also builds more trust with Google and can lead to a higher ranking.

***To receive 5-star patient reviews, McFarland shares a formula called GAMeR:

Give outstanding service from start to finish

Ask happy patients and/or their family members to submit reviews

Make reviewing easy – ask in person, email, and/or text

Respond to negative and positive reviews

Seek Out Experts for Efficiency

When it comes to making a healthcare facility stand out online, having expert help can make all the difference. Working with a program such as Net Health Trust provides personalized guidance on how to get Google reviews and provides a streamlined way for clinicians and staff to review messaging, get real-time reviews, use gathered metrics to make decisions, and use true data from logged reviews to help increase revenue.

There has never been a better time for businesses to optimize digital reviews, and it has never been easier to make the most of this dynamic and effective marketing tool.

Hear great details in the full webinar on how digital reviews and Net Health Trust can help you maximize your online presence.

Get Reviews, Get Patients

Using Google to Maximize Revenue in Outpatient Therapy (or anywhere else!)

For more information or to ask any questions, check out these sources:


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