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Value of Tissue Analytics for Remote Care Highlighted in Research From Australian Virtual Wound Care Program

Press Release

PITTSBURGH, PA/SYDNEY, AU – October 17, 2022 – Net Health, a leading provider of specialty electronic health record (EHR) systems and advanced healthcare analytics, announced results from a first-of-its-kind study for a promising wound care treatment model. The findings showed Net Health® Tissue Analytics, the company’s AI-powered wound imaging and analysis software, helps clinicians provide more timely access to wound care services, enables patients to communicate faster with their specialists, and improves management of chronic wounds in remote populations.

Net Health® Tissue Analytics is a best-in-class wound imaging and documentation solution that applies computer vision to images taken with traditional smartphones or tablets to automatically measure and document wound healing. The technology was recently granted Breakthrough Device status by the FDA for future development initiatives, becoming one of the few digital health solutions to achieve such recognition.  It is one of the most widely used wound care technology platforms in the U.S. and has begun expansion internationally. Net Health’s partner in Australia is Virtualcare, a digital health company working with leading healthcare organizations.

The lead study author is Michelle Barakat-Johnson. The “online first” edition of The Viability and Acceptability of a Virtual Wound Care Command Centre in Australia is open access and available online now from International Wound Journal. The final published article is scheduled for the first quarter of 2023.  The study is based on findings from the Australian New South Wales (NSW) Health Service. The goal of the study was to determine whether wound care delivered remotely using the Tissue Analytics platform was successful and well received by patients.

NSW researchers examined how Net Health Tissue Analytics was being used as part of a Virtual Wound Care Command Centre (eWCC) by wound specialists, including nurses, podiatrists and physicians, across nine centers dealing with podiatry and vascular outpatient clinics, general community nursing and specialized wound services such as vascular and endovascular surgery. 

Patients participating in the study took images of their wounds and provided relevant information through the digital platform using the clinician interface of the app, which would then notify the specialist to review the report and triage as appropriate. Wound specialists would enter data on the treatment plan and respond to the participant, supporting remote wound care assessment and management.

Results Highlight Tissue Analytics Role in Successful eWCC

The study found that individuals with chronic wounds receiving remote wound care services through the eWCC using Tissue Analytics experienced more timely access to wound care services; improved communication with their wound specialist; had more time with clinicians, which encourages engagement and adherence; and gained self-empowerment to better manage their wounds.  

A post-trial participant survey also provided important insights.

  • Timely access to care increased (rising from 91.7 to 98.5 percent)
  • Communication improved (increasing from 90.3 to 97 percent)
  • Travel requirements were easier (going from 65.5 to 69.5 percent)

The researchers also emphasized the favorable ratings given by both patients and clinicians to Tissue Analytics, pointing out that the app saved patients time and money, especially in travel costs, since it limited the number of times one needed to see a wound specialist in person.  It’s estimated participants saved several hundred dollars on travel costs. Less travel also led to the greater good of reducing CO2 emissions.

“You don’t need to wait so long to get feedback, or you don’t feel like you’re out of contact, which generally helps because you can at least get a faster response if you’re worried about something,” one patient noted. Another, a 61-year-old who had bilateral forefoot amputation wounds and lived in a rural community, shared that being able to converse with a wound specialist in this way was both reassuring and convenient.

Based on the study findings, the researchers recommend the continued expansion of digitally-driven wound care across the health network.

About Net Health

Net Health’s mission is to harness data for human health. Net Health solutions are trusted in over 25,000 facilities across the continuum of care. Our EHR software enables caregivers and their organizations to engage effectively with patients, streamline documentation, staff efficiently, secure maximum appropriate reimbursement and maintain regulatory compliance. Our unique approach to analytics seamlessly presents insights in clinical and operational workflows to improve care and business performance.  Net Health is a portfolio company of The Carlyle Group, Level Equity and Silversmith Capital Partners. www.nethealth.com.

About Virtualcare

Virtualcare is an Australian digital health company providing solutions to healthcare’s most challenging problems. We partner with leading healthcare companies to bring game-changing technology solutions to health organizations in Australia and New Zealand. Virtualcare represents Net Health Tissue Analytics in Australia and New Zealand. www.virtual-care.com.au

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