June 2, 2016 | Optima Healthcare Solutions

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Webinar: Understanding Section GG: Advice From Therapy Industry Experts

The October 1, 2016 deadline for Section GG compliance is quickly approaching. To get you ready, Optima and NARA have partnered together to present an educational webinar outlining important Section GG definitions and implications, so you can prepare for the new requirements.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Exactly what Section GG is and how you can prepare for the October 1, 2016 requirements
  • Why CMS created Section GG, and what it could mean for your reimbursement
  • How to overcome new challenges and ensure the accuracy of Section GG data
  • Tips for increasing collaboration between nursing and therapy staff
  • Enhancements and configurations you should expect from your vendor
  • How Section GG will impact the future of outcomes

Panel of Industry Experts:

  • Christie Sheets, Executive Director at NARA
  • Michael Katri, Chief Product Officer at Optima Healthcare Solutions
  • Rita Cole, Clinical Director at Optima Healthcare Solutions
  • Cathy de Verteuil, Clinical Director at Optima Healthcare Solutions
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