February 15, 2019 | Net Health

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Winter CONNECT 2019: Live Stream

In January, we typically host a Winter CONNECT meeting where employees travel to our offices nationwide to engage with one another and get aligned on business vision and goals. But, this year we did things a littttllee bit differently. We jumped into the digital age and hosted a more virtual experience by having our first ever Winter CONNECT live steam meeting that united 300 employees. Net Healthers from our five offices (plus remote) across the country gathered to reaffirm our focus on deep customer engagement.

In addition to connecting with co-workers, eating delicious food and learning about Net Health, we were enthralled with fun, interactive quizzes with the winner gaining bragging rights and a dedicated email signature graphic!

Changing up the format for Winter CONNECT was an experiment that proved successful. Piggybacking off the theme of adding new, fresh technology, audiences reported being engaged and entertained, while still being educated by our leaders about Net Health’s vital next steps. Using Slack, we were able to connect as a large group, posting pictures (see below!) and exchanging silly banter, and the Mentimeter quizzes throughout the day allowed us to be playfully competitive.

I think it’s safe to say, the Live Stream approach will be a welcomed setup for the future [icon name=”thumbs-o-up” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]

Catch ya at Summer Connect!

Back to the Future was the theme for Winter Connect 2018… see how it differs from this year’s Live Stream!

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