December 17, 2021 | Net Health

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FOTO Patient Outcomes (FOTO) Shows Again What it Can Do for Outpatient Therapy

Mid South Rehab Services, a multi-disciplinary therapy provider with locations in several U.S. states, found itself in need of critical data to help increase patient satisfaction and outcomes, drive efficiencies, and strengthen clinical decision-making.

“The gap we noticed was that we didn’t have electronic, risk-adjusted standardized and objective outcome measures to compare internally and nationally for our true outpatient settings,” said Mark Buckley, VP of Clinical Operations.

Fortunately for Mark and his team at Mid South Rehab Services, the perfect solution existed. FOTO Patient Outcomes, commonly referred to as FOTO, is an industry-leading outcomes management system that provides real-time information on treatment effectiveness and enables providers to easily manage quality care metrics, track patient satisfaction, and market their successes.

Now deployed at 14 of Mid South Rehab Services’ outpatient facilities, the company has seen increased patient satisfaction levels, steep increases in director and therapist engagement, the ability to share updated reports with facilities, teams, and therapists on survey completion rates, outcome scores, and patient satisfaction scores, and much more. What makes the solution that much sweeter is that the implementation was simple, user-friendly, and came with extensive support and training.

As a result of the success, Mid South Rehab Services plans to deploy FOTO to additional outpatient locations over the next year, and even further growth is planned on the horizon.

Interested in learning more details about the partnership and the exact benefits the company saw? Want to explore the particulars to see if FOTO might be a great fit for your organization? If so, we’d encourage you to check out the full case study for free.

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