September 3, 2021 | Tannus Quatre, PT, MBA

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Get Physical Therapy Customers: Make Cool Friends

The Get Physical Therapy Customers series is designed for outpatient therapy business owners and leaders. Over the next several weeks, we will explore strategies focused on your clinic’s most prized asset – its customers.

Cool is Cool

Everybody wants to be popular.

I can remember my early years in grade school, always wanting to hang out with the cool kids. You might have had similar sentiments. Little did the cool kids know that we PTs would be the ones to become cool adults!

It’s an instinct to want to hang with those we revere as desirable. It’s not an instinct to be ashamed of. Cool is, well, cool.

And just as this principle applied to us during childhood and beyond, it applies to a few others who we might think important – our customers.

Our customers want to hang with the ‘in’ crowd just as we did and do. Knowing who and where the ‘in’ crowd is can help place ourselves smack-dab in the middle–pole position for PT practices who are looking to get mileage out of their marketing dollar.

In business, the ‘in’ crowd is not unlike the cool kids in school. They hang out at the cool spots, they talk about the latest trends, they’re good-looking, and they’re never alone.

Who’s Cool in Your Community?

Taking a look at your own community, you can probably think of a few businesses that fit this description.

In mine, the coolest spots are downtown where the foot traffic is rampant. Some of our best brands live there, visible to thousands daily. Their trendy chatter takes place online through social media channels, finding its way to hundreds of smartphones within seconds. And they look great because they take care of themselves, with manicured retail space and the latest fashions on display. Finally, whether through physical proximity, cross-promotion, or advertising in local publications, they’re always seen together

The makings of an ‘in’ crowd, right? So now what?

Becoming One With the ‘In’ Crowd

It’s time to work your way in. Consumers like these popular businesses, and just as it worked in the 4th grade, you can get instant cred just by hanging with them.

Here are a few tips to make sure your PT practice is hanging with the ‘in’ crowd.

Cross-promote with the cool brands

The local shoe store downtown would certainly love to have their brand in your waiting room. They’d probably love to have the brand of a gait analysis expert (that’s you) in their space as well. And at what cost? You don’t sell shoes and they don’t sell PT. Mix your brands together and leverage that marketing they’ve done in the community.

Co-sponsor community events

Community or charity events are a great opportunity to hold hands in public with other popular businesses with whom you’d like to associate. Team up with the popular kids to support your local charity or community event and give yourself some exposure with a little fun on the side.

Weave yourself into the conversation

The cool kids are talking about the latest trends, and that gives you ample opportunity to become relevant and interesting by weaving yourself into their conversation. ‘Like’ posts from your favorite local brands online, respond to their online commentary, and ask them questions of your own.

Remember that popularity is always trending. Leverage the cool of others and help your customers understand that you’re part of the ‘in’ crowd – and exactly where they’d like to be.

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