April 6, 2019 | Tannus Quatre, PT, MBA

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How To Build Success Into Your PT Patient Workshop

A PT Workshop gives you the opportunity to demonstrate PT in action. You can share your expertise and build community engagement and public relations for your practice.

While most PTs know how to create a PT Workshop, many miss the boat when it comes to promoting it. Putting up flyers and sending emails to current patients is simply not enough to drive traffic to your event. You need to approach your marketing strategically in order to attract a sizable audience filled with prime targets.

Social Media Marketing for PT Patient Workshops

It’s important to promote your event through social media. There are several ways to do this:

  • Create an Event on your Facebook page.
  • Create Facebook posts and targeted ads to promote the event.
  • Include an easy way to RSVP

SEO and PT Workshops

Don’t just feature information about your event on your website. You need to optimize your event for SEO, as well. Using tools like Google AdWords, SLI Graph and Semrush, you can identify the keywords you need to rank on. Once you have the list of keywords, you’ll want to optimize the content of your website with them. The keywords should be plugged into your website’s title as well as meta description. It’s also wise to generate backlinks for your event website. This can be done using commenting, Quora, social media post, event listing websites, and more.

Email Campaign

It’s wise to create an email campaign to promote your event. Send invitations to current and former patients. Then, try to partner with target-rich communities like faith-based programs, retirement communities, gyms and fitness clubs  and civic groups. See if their management will share their email list with you, or publicize your event in emails they send.

Be Sure To Include An Easy Way To RSVP

Whether you’re sending out an email, running a Facebook ad or sending out an email, make it easy for folks to RSVP. Once they confirm they are attending, be sure to send email reminders and maybe even a handwritten note letting them know you’re excited about them attending.

Confused? Overwhelmed?

If digital marketing for your event sounds complicated and daunting, or you’re just too busy managing your practice, talk to an expert at Net Health. We can help you create a strategic, targeted campaign that can help drive attendance to your event, as well as help your website win search and more. Contact us today.

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