January 19, 2022 | Net Health

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Podcast: Building a Business with Patrick Colletti – Net Health

When it comes to creating a profitable company that also provides an exceptional working community for its employees, Patrick Colletti is an expert. He recently joined Steve Anderson, host of the “Profiles in Leadership” podcast, to share his experiences and talk about the meaning behind the title of his book, Refounder: How Transformational Leaders Take What’s Broken and Make it Better.

Colletti took a job with Net Health, a .com startup in healthcare based in Pittsburgh, PA, two decades ago, when he was in his mid- twenties. When the .com bubble burst and the company struggled, he and partner Christopher Hayes were tasked with a three-month turnaround, which opened up a bigger vision for its future. Over the two decades as president of the company, Colletti and the leadership team led Net Health to tremendous success.  He now devotes his time to sharing the countless lessons and opportunities he has gained along the way.

What They Do

Today, Net Health provides advanced analytics and EHR platforms for over 20,000 facilities across the United States. Over 98% of the largest healthcare systems in the United States use one of its solutions every day to help their patients, and to get a deeper understanding using the predictive analytics models found in its software.


Colletti’s book Refounder is named for those who challenge the status quo and realize where they can make a difference. These are the people, Colletti says, who take something broken and make it better.

Colletti believes that all organizations need some version of a refounding every 5-10 years, and that keeping employees connected is key. He equates building company culture to running a marathon, where the investment of time, energy, and focus are devoted to achieving something extraordinary.

Watching Net Health grow from two employees to more than 700, the acknowledgment of reinvention to stay fresh is something Colletti embraced early on in his time as President. Since the book Refounder was published and recently stepping down from running the company, he now devotes his time to helping entrepreneurs, teaching, writing, and working in his beloved Pittsburgh community. All of this keeps in line with his belief that, “The goal line always moves if you are growing. Be part of the change-makers, what I like to think of as the rebels-of-ought.”

You can listen to the entire Profiles in Leadership podcast episode here.

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