April 16, 2021 | Tannus Quatre, PT, MBA

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Why Consider Tracking Your Private Practice Referrals

When you’ve marketed your private practice and have a steady flow of patients, you may think your work is done, but it’s important to track your data in order to continue monitoring your marketing success.

Measuring Referral Metrics

Adding numbers to simple metrics is critical to knowing what marketing tactics are working to your benefit, as well as acknowledging those that are not. Some key metrics that you may want to consider looking may include the following:

  • How many patients have found you and your private practice
  • Where are your new patients coming from
  • What made these new patients seek your services
  • Who referred your new patients to you

Granted, sometimes private practice owners may think about looking into sophisticated tracking metrics in order to better understand the flow of new business that is coming into their practice. But the truth is, this type of referral tracking may not even be necessary or in your practice’s best interest to monitor.

Relying on a Private Practice EHR for Further Guidance

As you start tracking your private practice referrals, the process can be as simple as grabbing a sheet of paper and pen or typing data out in a spreadsheet on your work computer. You can then categorize the referral source associated with each new patient who finds you within the month, and you can continue to add more pertinent data as you go along.  Better yet, for those that use an EHR or practice management software, you can enjoy this capability built right into your system.

Regardless of how you decide to keep track of your new patients who have been referred to you and your business, knowing the who, where, when, and how many with regard to your new patient flow is a critical element of the marketing process that is not worth neglecting.

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