Net Health® Optima

One Powerful Electronic Health Record Solution for Post-Acute and Senior Living Facilities

Net Health is trusted by more than 16,000 locations saving 40 hours per month with built-in regulatory alerts.

Built for Skilled Nursing & Senior Living Needs

Boost Productivity without Compromising Compliance

  • Focus on patients & residents, not documentation, with built-in clinical content
  • Deliver better outcomes with the Outcomes-Driven Recommendation Engine
  • Go paperless and stay compliant with electronic physician signature capture
  • Save up to 40 hours per month with built-in regulatory alerts

Get Paid Faster

  • Submit complete and correct claims the first time with pre-claim validation checks
  • Reduce errors that get 10% of claims denied by Medicare with real-time alerts
  • Increase revenue with automatic coding and charges that maximize reimbursements
  • Protect your time and revenue by eliminating non-reimbursable services and errors.

Elevate the Provider Experience

  • Easily onboard new patients and residents with automated intake workflows
  • Build trust between patients, residents, families and therapists with Alinea Family Link 
  • Boost outpatient appointment attendance with automated reminders
  • Coordinate better care with partners through the Customer Portal

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Net Health Optima streamlines the workflow, improving efficiency and productivity. This allows healthcare providers to focus more on patient care, resulting in better patient outcomes. These systems often include specialized tools for documentation, scheduling, and coding, ensuring accurate and efficient operations. 

Yes, post-acute facility software like Optima can be highly customized according to the specific needs of the facility. This includes adapting to workflow requirements, specific patient populations, and the unique needs of different care settings such as SNFs, ALFs, and home care.

Optima provides the specialized tools and industry leading post-acute facility EHR features that contract therapy providers need to drive quality and outcomes at SNFs, ALFs, and Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs). 

In many ways, but to name a couple…

Primarily, As an EHR built for long term care facilities, Optima helps providers to customize and automatically apply specific payer requirements, improve coding accuracy, reduce claim delays and denials by being continually alerted to potential errors, and optimize reimbursement through the automatic transmission of optimal codes and charges to billing. 

Additionally, Optima reduces the time and effort it takes to thoroughly, accurately, and compliantly document treatments. It provides specialized clinical content that enables rehab therapists in post-acute care facilities to care for a wider variety of patients with greater precision and targeted treatment plans.

The system’s intuitive documentation workflows promote compliant, accurate, and efficient documentation, and e-signatures via CliniSign are used to save time and safeguard compliance.