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Boost Productivity and Improve Outcomes with Acute Care Software for Therapists

As acute care physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists, it can be a struggle to keep up with the demands of new and changing treatment orders. The acute care therapy environment is ever-changing, yet you play a crucial role in ensuring patients are discharged safely and in a timely manner.

Our EHR software, specifically designed for acute care physical therapists, can help you accomplish these goals reliably and efficiently. That’s what Net Health® ReDoc – Acute Care is all about.

Our Acute Care EMR enables rehab directors to maximize the productivity of each therapist while fully addressing patient needs within the busy acute care environment.

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Numerous Benefits for Acute Care Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy & Speech Therapy Departments


Optimize productivity within your acute care department.

Managers and clinicians alike get a real-time view of essential patient information.


Seamlessly flow information from physician’s order to billing 

to ensure quality care, compliant documentation, and maximum therapist productivity.


Gain at-a-glance insights into your workload.

The Patient Management Board and Clinician Worklist improve case prioritization, daily flow tracking and clear communication.


Fully integrated 

with your hospital’s HIS/EMR system. ADT orders flow to Net Health Therapy and patient information flows seamlessly to your HIS/EMR software.


Improve employee satisfaction and staff retention

with a physical therapy software solution built specifically for therapists’ specialties.


Enjoy on-demand information access.

With our cloud-based EHR software you get the info you need, when you need it and from wherever you are, including rapid ROI data.

You Deserve Better Than Generic Hospital EHR Systems

As a rehab therapy director, you likely face significant challenges empowering acute care staff to get their jobs done so patients can be discharged in a safe, timely manner. Historically generic hospital EHR software systems can add to these challenges, causing frustration among therapists by making it difficult for them to fulfill acute care therapy-specific needs amid demands from other departments.

From development, implementation, go-live, to support, each area went above and beyond to adapt and adjust to CPSI, organization, facility workflow and patient specific population needs.

Jamie McMichael, Rehab Director

Ohio County Healthcare

Wouldn’t you like a solution to these challenges you face in acute care?

Meeting staff utilization goals in the face of ever-changing patient availability which results in missed opportunities to provide care and unbalanced therapist caseloads.

Wrestling with inefficient documentation processes that cause therapists to do less of what they do best (patient care) and more of what they dread (paperwork). This can ultimately lead to clinician burnout and higher turnover rates.

Managing staff in a supportive way that reduces stress and increases employee retention.

Loss of therapist productivity to cumbersome, inefficient order management processes and generic hospital EHR systems that are not designed for specific physical, occupational and/or speech therapy disciplines in acute care.

Changes in patient status and staffing that are poorly communicated. Staff time wasted tracking patients who have been moved, transferred or discharged by using manual, makeshift means, such as shuffling magnets on a department whiteboard or spreadsheets.


3 Ways Real-Time Data Improves Acute Care Therapy Workflows

Designed by Therapists for Therapists: The Net Health Difference

Net Health ReDoc – Acute provides a comprehensive, cloud-based EHR and order management system that solves the specialized needs of your acute care rehab therapy team – all in a single platform.

Because it was created by teams of clinical practitioners who have walked in your shoes, it will end your staff’s frustration with documentation systems and increase the productivity of your department at the same time. Net Health’s acute care EMR offers hospitals and facilities an industry-leading specialized EMR software solution.

Drive Efficiency in Receiving, Assigning and Updating Orders

The heart of Net Health ReDoc – Acute Care EMR software is the Digital Patient Management Board, a tool which streamlines your order management process, maximizes therapist productivity, and allows patients to get the urgent care they need in a timely manner.

From physician orders to patient evaluations, Net Health’s software for acute care departments eliminates time-consuming, manual order management tracking processes, such as physical whiteboards and spreadsheets, improving therapist communication processes.

The digital Patient Management Board offers:
  • Efficient documentation.
  • Instant identification and marking of duplicate orders.
  • Grouping and bulk assignment of orders.
  • A holistic, at-a-glance view of clinician progressions of work completion.
  • The ability for rehab directors to continually adjust to real-time changes throughout the day.
  • The option to view changes in assignments due to ongoing discharges and, when necessary, reassign therapists to ensure patients receive the timely, quality care they need.
  • A quick snapshot of therapy patients’ treatment needs, informing your care plans so therapists efficiently deliver appropriate treatments.

Balance Caseloads and Improve Utilization

Quickly adapt to changes in patient availability and match therapists to patients based on patient need and therapist utilization.

Capabilities of Net Health Therapy for Acute Care include:
  • Gain visibility into clinician caseloads so orders can be equitably assigned.
  • Quickly assess caseloads by order age, triage status, last-seen date and other relevant parameters with the Clinician Worklist.
  • Evaluate staffing needs based on the projected census.

Improve Communication

Provides real-time communication. Our software allows your team members to view order updates as they happen, from any device and wherever they may be so all teams can focus on providing quality care for patients in constantly changing environments.

Real-time communication allows therapy teams to:
  • Adapt quickly to patient location changes, transfers to different levels of care, and discharges. No more time wasted tracking patients who have been transferred or discharged.
  • Share notes with other providers for continuity of care.
  • Review colleagues’ clinical assessments to align recommendations.
  • Sync Net Health Therapy for Acute Care documentation with your Hospital Information System so that it is also immediately and easily accessible by other providers in the hospital system. This helps inform discharge planning and supports the continuum of care.

Eliminate Frustration with Documentation

Net Health’s acute care electronic health record platform is tailored to the needs of acute physical therapists, speech & language therapists, and acute care occupational therapists, guiding you through the documentation process efficiently.

Customized acute care documentation templates, all of which are therapy-specific, are available for use immediately after your team implements Net Health’s acute care EMR system. These help your team accurately document a visit at bedside or soon after with fewer keystrokes. No more fumbling through a generalized EHR solution looking for therapy-related codes and descriptions!

Less administrative work results in higher job satisfaction for clinicians and allows clinicians to treat more patients per day, increasing overall productivity within your department.

Integrated and Compliant

Net Health ReDoc – Acute care software is fully HIPAA-compliant and integrates seamlessly with all major hospital information systems, including Cerner, Meditech, CPSI, Allscripts, Athena Health and others. This allows the effortless flow of ADT, orders, clinical documentation and results, and billing information between an acute care therapy department and the hospital HIS.

Built-in alerts to finalize visits and sign all forms, ensure progress notes are completed, signed, and synchronized with your HIS. This keeps all providers up to date on patients’ plans of care. Our acute care therapy software also seamlessly integrates with our hospital outpatient therapy software so all your rehab therapy staff can use a single system.

Robust Reporting for Data-driven Decisions

Timely and actionable data informs clinical and administrative decision-making. Net Health ReDoc – Acute ensures such data is at your fingertips by offering robust reporting capabilities. Our all-in-one solution compiles patient, clinician and department data in one place, allowing administrators to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Whether they need to reconcile billing and documentation processing, monitor compliance with internal service delivery standards, or validate achievement of clinician productivity goals, acute care therapy leaders can view metrics that quantify productivity – from a global to a granular level – ensuring optimal performance with minimal errors.

Put Patient Data to Work for You

EHRs contain valuable information that is often left untouched and unexamined. An Acute Care EMR system that maximizes the value of that data can drive improvements in care, outcomes and operations.

Net Health ReDoc – Acute EHR software distills data into actionable insights embedded into an organization’s workflow, driving progress toward your team’s benchmarks … and beyond. Users can view key performance indicators under one log-in, revealing meaningful trends that drive actionable changes which ensure your department is on track to meet efficiency goals and productivity targets.

A Cloud-based Solution: Delivering Benefits for IT, Too

Net Health ReDoc – Acute delivers numerous benefits for hospital IT groups as well as directors of rehab therapy, including:


Cloud-based Platform

Promotes availability, scalability and flexibility, with customizable interfaces that tailor to your hospital’s needs.


Regulatory Compliance

Complies with all major facility and provider protocols and industry regulations.


Consistent, Seamless Software Updates

Runs on the latest technology platforms. No need for your IT group to deal with manual software or hardware upgrades.


HIPAA Compliant

Hospitals retain control and security of data to maintain HIPAA compliance.


Your Partner in Patient Care.


At Net Health, we’re here for you and with you every step of the way in your journey to a better acute care EHR solution.

Implementation + Training Ongoing Support Professional Services Implementation + Training

We’ll assign an implementation team to walk you through the Net Health ReDoc – Acute software solution, answering your questions and ensuring the solution meets your needs and expectations.

A project manager will engage with your organization to facilitate the process –

from learning how to use the Patient Management Board and Clinician Worklist in a way that works best for your clinicians, to working with your IT department to ensure smooth deployment. We’ll provide training modules for your staff, and an implementation specialist will answer questions and ensure your system is configured in a way that best meets your facility’s needs.

Ongoing Support

Support is always available throughout your Net Health experience. Whether from in-app support requests, phone calls, email, or 24/7 access to online tutorials and a robust information warehouse, you can always get the answers you need when you need them.

Professional Services

Net Health 360 Professional Services ensures that you utilize best practices and maximize ROI from the Net Health ReDoc – Acute platform. These clinical subject matter experts can help you assess your organization’s performance and use the product’s features to efficiently manage caseloads, develop best practices for staff utilization, and demonstrate compliance with hospital policies and therapist productivity requirements.

We really want therapists to spend their time providing therapy.  Net Health Therapy’s Point-of-Care solution allows them to do just that.

Denise Norman, President

Transitional Care Management

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Our innovative EHR solution for hospitals is built to maximize productivity today and capitalize on the technological advancements of tomorrow. Learn more about this flexible, robust, powerful Acute Care EMR software solution tailored specifically for hospital therapy teams.