November 26, 2019 | Net Health

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Dig In: Pittsburgh’s Thanksgiving Potluck 2019

Net Health’s Pittsburgh office recently held its annual Thanksgiving Potluck. The fifth-floor kitchen was filled with the homemade classics and some welcomed new additions: turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, green beans and sweet potato casseroles, cranberry sauce, Biriyani, Roshogulla, and nearly a dozen choices of desserts. Keeping up Net Health’s culture of interconnectivity and togetherness,  we huddled around plates of steaming food, exchanging light-hearted quips about the irregular consistency of the gravy, congratulated on how each other’s awesome dish turned out, and shot the breeze in between discussions of our family plans for the holidays. It’s easy to get lost in the pageantry of the holidays as we sink our faces deeper into our phones and think more about gift exchanges. However,  during our Thanksgiving potlucks, we pocket our phones, step away from our computer screens and celebrate the purpose of the holiday: eating, coming together, and appreciating the relationships we have with our friends and family.      

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