EHR Integrations

Net Health Therapy for Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF) integrates with major EHR software. ADT Integration enables the transmission of patient admits/discharges/transfers from an EHR software platform into Net Health Therapy for SNFs. In addition, other integration points exist, such as MDS Section O and Section GG, ARD minutes, billing data, and clinical documents, which can be either sent to or pulled by the EHR software. Note: Integration points vary by EHR system.

Integration Process Record Updates Timeline

Seamless EHR

Integration Process

When your facility is migrated from Casamba Skilled to Net Health Therapy, Net Health follows this process to set up the EHR integration:

  1. Migrate facilities to the Net Health Therapy software and transfer data to Net Health Therapy. (See the migration guide for all data points that are being transferred).
  2. Net Health contacts the EHR vendors and schedules the integration. The Net Health IT service delivery team contacts you to let you know when the integration is beginning and when it has been completed.

Seamless EHR

Record Updates

After the integration is activated, all admissions, discharges, and transfers must be completed in the EHR software.  The EHR software will send a message to Net Health Therapy and update the resident record accordingly. For instance, when modifications occur to the following patient record items in the EHR software, the corresponding patient data records in Net Health Therapy will be updated automatically:

  • Patient Record
  • Patient Intake/Stay
  • Key Information
  • Addresses
  • Contacts
  • Hospital Stays

Seamless EHR

Migration Timeline

Integrations may not be available until after your Net Health go-live date, including:

  • EHR integrations:
    up to two weeks after your Net Health go-live date
  • ARD Planner feeds:
    up to four weeks after your EHR integration date

For additional questions about the migration process, please contact