Clinical and Operational Wound Care Analytics

At Net Health, we are transforming traditional wound care programs with breakthrough analytics and predictive insights.

The Future of Wound Care: Predictive Analytics

It’s time to stop losing money from missed appointments.

We all know missed appointments can be aggravating, but did you know you could also be losing revenue, lots of it?

Studies show providers lose an average of $165 to 200 per unused time slot.  An astounding 27% of appointments are missed – that translates to thousands of dollars a year. More importantly, patients are missing out on the important clinical benefits to be gained from their visits.

Net Health Wound Care can help.

From pressure injuries to diabetic ulcers, caring for patients with chronic wounds is challenging.

Net Health® Clinical Analytics for Wound Care
is here to help, and make a difference.
Improving Outcomes and Workflow

We use powerful predictive analytics models that help clinicians understand a unique patient’s risk and more accurately predict wound healing outcomes. With a seamless integration with  Net Health Wound Care’s software, Net Health Clinical Analytics  doesn’t require any additional work from the clinician to receive accurate patient predictions at the wound level, allowing clinicians to easily digest meaningful condition-specific insights from directly within their Wound Care EHR.

Our Clinical and Operational Analytics Models Consist of

Wound Trajectory Indicator

Predicts the likelihood that a wound will heal in a specific timeframe.

Risk of Amputation Indicator

Predicts the likelihood that a wound may lead to eventual amputation.

Missed Visit Prediction

Predicts the likelihood that the patient will not show for a future appointment.

The National Leader in Wound Care Analytics & Software

As the leading provider of wound care software, Net Health has been capturing robust wound care data since 2001, creating one of the largest comprehensive databases of wound care episodes in the world. Tissue Analytics from Net Health provides the Chronic & Acute Wound Analytics surveillance program that clinicians across the country are falling in love with.

Net Health Clinical Analytics utilizes 175+ data elements collected for each patient to drive the underlying predictions that power this new clinical decision support tool.


The Future of Wound Care: Predictive Analytics

Predictive Algorithms Help Patients Heal

Net Health Analytics’ powerful predictive algorithms inform clinicians of the factors affecting the healing outcome of a patient’s specific wound.

The insights provided by this state-of-the-art software help clinicians draft tailored plans of care for their patient’s unique wound management needs.

Harnessing data for human health.

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