McKnights Recruitment and Retention Two-Part Series

March 2024 |

This needs to replace the “Power Up Retention with an In-House Training Program; Part 1 of 2” on the website. Part two has “aired” so I have both webinars on one wistia page.

Description: Join a former CNA-turned-administrator to revolutionize your approach to recruitment and retention. This engaging session will arm you with the secrets to conquering your staffing challenge.

Denise Boudreau is founder of Drive, a long-term care retention and recruitment firm that builds culture to deliver results. She’ll teach actionable strategies to identify what your workers — and prospective workers — want, and help you slash turnover, combat burnout and energize your entire team. Through authentic leadership and a vibrant culture, you’ll be headed to a future where every staff member, including you, is not just present but passionately invested!

During these sessions, you will:

  • Understand how to use your unique organizational culture as a key differentiator to attract and retain the best employees.
  •  Discover how authentic leadership promotes a fulfilling work environment for you and your team.
  • Learn actionable culture tactics to revamp your recruitment and retention processes, creating a deeply engaged and loyal workforce.