Reliant Medical Center – Agility Electronic Medical Record Testimonial

Struggling with the lack of coding support and user-interface problems of an inefficient practice management system and poorly designed EMR, Reliant Immediate Care Medical Group, Inc. looked for a state-of-the-art integrated system as a replacement.

The Agility software was selected because it was specifically designed to accommodate Reliant’s combination urgent care and occupational medicine practice, and it provided the coding support and efficiencies needed in their fast-growing practice.

Agility’s automated coding and efficiency allowed Reliant to triple its patient volume while reducing its staff by 15%. It also enabled electronically submitted workers’ compensation claims to be reimbursed within a few days of billing. Reliant’s enhanced clinical documentation supported higher coding levels and reduced payer inquiries. And the Agility Employer Portal dramatically reduced employer telephone calls to the clinic.

Hear why Dr. Max Lebow, MD claims “our electronic medical record solves problems for us, it doesn’t make problems for us.”

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Gene Howell: Reliant Medical Center has been using Agility Software since 2008. We are an Urgent Care Occ Med facility. Open 365 days a year, 24/7, 24,000 square feet located at LAX International Airport. We purchase the facility from a hospital system in 2006 and another system was chosen at first.

About a year into it we saw the need to start searching out another system to use. There were many problems. Basic from usability…to not been able to get the bills out, and at the end not being paid so we started the search basic search on Google and you know you search for an EMR you’ll find three thousand systems out there to choose from and among those 3,000 there are probably a handful that are truly Occ Med Urgent Care related.

And Agility Software fit the bill.

We’ve grown the practice into nearly 5,000 visits per month over 50,000 a year at this point. Part of our growth and part of our consideration when we began the growth process was what systems we had in place that could handle that growth. What systems we had in place that would work both from a billing perspective and also charting and marketing. And that was where our choice in Agility Software came in.

Dr. Max Lebow: We knew what we were looking for very specifically when we went out into the marketplace. We were not novices at this and we knew what we were looking for.

Gene Howell: So a year into a system a year and into business we did probably what many would wonder you know whether we were insane and that is to stop the entire process we had built over the year and start with the new system and we feel it was the best choice than help take us from the facility seeing a thousand patients a month to 5,000 to over 50,000 a year. I know without a doubt we would not be able to handle that amount patients, those amount of visits with the system we had in place.

So making this this decision was a big decision and an important one and I’ll be happy to say we absolutely made the right one. Agility Software solved all of those problems and more.

Dr. Lebow:  Our electronic medical record solves problems for us, it doesn’t make problems for us. I think that’s really the best thing I could say about the Agility product. I never hear a complaint from the doctors or the other providers that they were trying to do something then the EHR  didn’t allow them to do it, which I use to get continuously from the other one.

Everybody’s very happy with it. I just never hear a complaint about it And that’s terrific! What its says to me is that the EHR has has ceased to become an issue in our practice. It’s a background tool that our doctors and other providers use that doesn’t get in the way, and  it’s where it should be. It’s for the providers it’s for good documentation and that’s what they’re concerned about, and that’s what I unconcerned about when I’m seeing patients. I want an electronic health record that’s going to faithfully capture the information that I want get on a patient and Agility Software is great at that.

Reshma Patel, PAC: So I was a little intimidated at first coming from paper charting to making transition into using an EMR. But once I used it I realized how quickly I was able to chart on my patients, put some orders in, go see another patient, come back. Within the first week of using it I think my time went down from seven minutes to charting a chart to 3 minutes. I’ve become so proficient at it, I could probably do it with my eyes closed now. And it’s a lot easier I would say that actually going back to paper charts. There’s been rare instances where we tried to do paper charts and it is not as fun anymore. And we’ve tried to offer that to our providers actually They have the option to use the EMR or to use paper charting. And they actually hands down everyone was like “do not make us chart again on paper ever” they really like EMR. I think it’s made everyone’s life a lot easier.

Gene Howell: The words that the employees are the providers use is that the system is very intuitive. And you know “its easy to use”. You know those are great words to hear for a manager, and certainly someone who took a risk and made a decision to go with an a completely different system than we initially put in.

Dr. Lebow: We chose Agility, Net Health’s Agility, for a lot of different reasons. As a clinic owner, my first and foremost reason was I wanted an electronic medical record that was going to help me move patients through the clinic, and to help flow not
to hinder flow.

And Agility Software is our second electronic health record that we’ve had. The first one didn’t really do the job for us, but we’ve been very happy with Agility Software and mainly because it’s been very easy for our staff to learn. We can take a new doctor, or new PA, or nurse practitioner and have them up and running and be competent after a few hours. And they’re very competent and very comfortable with the product after two shifts or so.

Reshma Patel: I started Reliant two years after the implementation process was started, and it was really intuitive and easy for me to learn. Within a day I was working on it without any help, and since then one of my main jobs has been to teach other providers to use the system as well. I’ve used other systems and this was really easy for me to teach, and also have learned that it’s easy for people to pick up on. Usually within half a day to day providers that come on new are taught the system and they can start seeing patients and use the system without any help at all. It helps improve workflow, you don’t have any mistakes with orders because
everything is in the system and not hand-written. The Wizards are really easy to use as well.

Anything new that needs to be implemented can be done within two seconds and we’re live in the floor. And I can go downstairs and test it with a real-life patient to make sure everything works exactly the way it needs to. We’ve heard nothing but good feedback from all the providers. They loved using the system…makes my job easy.

Gene Howell: We’re not only pleased with the Agility Software, but also the support staff that Net Health has provided . They choose to employ both software developers, but also clinical staff which has been very helpful. They have an understanding of how that end product relates and works on a day-to-day basis. And also when we call in for support, again they have an understanding of what it is we’re talking about, how that problem relates every day to us getting through the charting, and getting the bills out, etc.

We’re very pleased with the support, with the product, and the continued development of the product.