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Gene Howell, CEO, and Dr. Lebow, MD, of Reliant Medical Center share why using Agility for both EMR and Billing is “head and shoulders above anything”

Agility® is perfectly fitted for Occupational Medicine, Urgent Care, and Hospital Employee Health settings. Our fully interoperable software solution addresses the highly specialized clinical, business, and compliance requirements in those facilities. As experts in The Art of the Right Fit®, Net Health serves more than 34,000 healthcare professionals users in over 3,000 facilities.

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Gene Howell: We chose Agility after the use of another product for about a year. About a year into using the product we had many issues everything from usability, down to getting the bills out the door, and ultimately getting paid.

Dr. Lebow: And the problem with our last product, and this is in fact how most electronic medical records that have practice management and billing
functions work… is you’ve got the clinical people on one side and they build a very nice electronic medical record, and then you’ve got the practice management and the billing people on the other side and they work in their silo and get a very nice product together, and then when they’re done they tie it at the top in a little bow, and here it is.

Gene Howell: We needed to look at what system could solve some the issues we were having. Primarily the issues were basic. They related to user how user-friendly the system was, could we get bills out. You’d be surprised, we would get all the way to the end of the process and you know, not only did we not have the ability to ebill, we had trouble just getting bills out the door…and you know what that translates to is there’s no money coming back in the door which was an issue.

Dr. Lebow: In Agility Software we have one vendor that is doing both our electronic health record and our billing as well as all the practice management and scheduling functions, but those, as the owner, are very important to me but somebody else does that. What I’m concerned about is the EHR and that making sure we get paid, and that’s where Agility Software is really head and shoulders above anything that we looked at.

Gene Howell:  What Agility Software allowed us to do is to really on-the-fly be able to change charges associated to our charting, be able to change narratives. And why is that important? That’s important in today’s world. A lot of down holding is happening as a result of the fact that you don’t have the correct language that supports a specific order, for example, ordering a DME. So, that language is always changing, it’s a moving target. The carriers are always looking for ways
to deny, or down code. So we have a system that we’re able to, on a moment’s notice, go in and adjust and change language as necessary to stay ahead of that moving target…we’re being paid.

So, we immediately saw, and I would say, complete elimination and down coding which was an issue before with our previous system. We have been able since to watch the industry and watch the language being used and the different movements and be able to adjust the system as necessary to keep up with that, continue to be paid.

The overall automation as a whole really really pushes forward in the ability to get those out and get paid. Which at the end of the day is the most important thing as far as I’m  concerned. You may talk to provider who feels charting is, I want to make sure the money continues to come in the door here. In order to do that ,we need a flexible system that’s automated, that’s dynamic, that’s able to produce, get the bills out, and justify every bit of work we do. You know I often say that I wanna take the providers out of the business of coding and the system allowed that.

As long as they practice good medicine and they document through the system we will get paid for those items, and were able to also be paid for minute items that would often be missed.

Dr. Lebow: I know because I’ve seen it, that every band aid is accounted for and it shows up every time it’s used when I press the button to do a wound closure. I know that every piece of supplies or equipment that I use is being accounted for and billed for and I don’t have to worry about that either. So, at the end of the day the biggest advantage is that I don’t have to worry about my electronic health record.

Gene Howell: If you can charge for all additional items that are appropriate at a click of a mouse, and the whole process is automated, and the fact that we’re able to calculate the proper EM level, again that its automated, and most important that I can stand up to an audit – those are all very important factors in choosing a system, and Agility hit every single one of those points for us.