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Tissue Analytics for Clinical Research is an AI-powered, e-clinical platform that improves data collection and analysis for clinical trials involving wounds and visual skin conditions.


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ebook | Why New Approaches to Clinical Trials are Here to Stay ebook | 5 Rules to Enhance Derm & Wound Care Clinical Trials in 2022 Case Study | Stanford School of Medicine’s Partnership with Tissue Analytics Streamlines Decentralized Clinical Research Blog | 6 Ways Digital Imaging Facilitates Clinical Trials During Lockdown… and Beyond Blog | Tissue Analytics Provides Tips on How to Ensure Clinical Trials are Truly Diverse

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Want to Improve Your Wound Care and Derm Clinical Trials this Year? Check out Net Health’s “5 Rules to Enhance Clinical Trials”

Are you looking for ways to make your decentralized clinical trials for wound care or dermatology faster, easier and less expensive this year? Most of us in the industry are on that quest. While challenging, Net Health’s latest eBook, 5 Rules to Enhance Clinical Trials, provides valuable guidance. As with everything these days, examining how […]

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Value of AI in Scheduling for Wound Care Providers

The chief goal of any provider in the wound care industry is to offer the highest level of care possible to patients. It’s no secret that in order to do that, providers must pay attention to things like resource management, efficient budgeting, and the financial bottom line. The stronger a provider is in these areas, […]

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Kevin Keenahan Featured in Digital Executive Podcast: Biomedical Engineer and Entrepreneur Solving the World’s Healthcare Problems

“Exciting” and “inspiring” are two of the words podcast host Brian Thomas used to describe his interview with Kevin Keenahan, founder and CEO of Tissue Analytics, a Net Health company. We couldn’t agree more.   Brian is the creator of the popular Digital Executive podcast, which is the largest crowdsourced global digital platform. He recently […]

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Workflow Strategies: Review and Refine Your Goals in 2022

As we usher in 2022 with optimism and hope, the timing of the new year acts as a reset button for our personal and professional lives. It’s a time to reflect on what we achieved, celebrate the wins, and benchmark new goals.  To be good stewards in our business, the reflection is cast when we […]

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Free Report on Wound Care Product and Manufacturer Market Share

Net Health’s EHR and Analytic Capabilities Provide Valuable Industry Insights A free report highlighting the market share of wound care manufacturers across multiple products in the first half of 2021 is now available from Net Health.  Most Popular Wound Care Product Manufacturers in H1 2021 looks at some of the top product categories for wound care […]

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Join Net Health in Recognizing Pressure Injury Prevention Day

For the past 25 years, Net Health has helped thousands of hospitals and scores of clinicians find better ways to treat and manage patients with pressure injuries. That’s one reason we want to take special note of World-Wide Pressure Injury Day. Founded in 2013 by the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP), it’s a day […]

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Taking Aim at Amputation: The Need to Step Up the Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcers

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month.  Rather than look at it as another disease-of-the-month observation, let’s renew our familiarity with some of the statistics and implications of this prevalent condition. The facts surrounding diabetes are staggering and have plagued clinicians, doctors and researchers for decades. One of the many critical complications faced by those with […]

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