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for Infection Preventionist

Ensuring employees are up to date on their immunization is now more important than ever and a critical piece of preventing infection.

Our software makes your life easier and your workforce safer, organizing all employee health information in one place and providing automated reminders/updates for employee compliance and safety requirements.

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What’s Your Employee’s Health in This Flu and COVID Season?

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The Employee Health of an Infection Preventionist

Hear from Becca Struble
Business Development Executive, Net Health

Net Health Employee Health for COVID-19

Easily track all illnesses and exposures to better understand the cause of infection. With data in hand, you can develop strong follow-up care and mitigation plans to improve employee safety and patient health.

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Net Health Mobile Immunization Tracking

Quickly deputize workers outside the traditional Employee Health department to administer vaccines to the workforce. With Net Health® Mobile Immunization Tracking, you can do just that, while our mobile application lets you easily design vaccination programs.

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Business Insights for Employee Health

Monitor workplace exposures quickly and easily, identify infection trends, and take action to reduce risk. Business Insights for Employee Health tracks performance of key performance indicators whenever you need them.

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