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Our software simply makes your job easier. By offering prefill, interactive forms, and the ability to show job class/company, visit types, and automate the physical requirements, you spend less time typing and more time caring for people.

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What’s Your Employee’s Health in This Flu and COVID Season?

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The Employee Health of a Nurse

Hear from Eddie Stahl
Consultant, Occupational Medicine & Employee Health

Net Health Employee Health for COVID-19

Designed for fast and easy implementation and operation with pre-configured databases, user-friendly remote training on COVID-19 specific workflows, one business day server turnaround, and one business day tech services. 

Because you need to be able to focus on people, not a computer screen.  

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Net Health Mobile Immunization Tracking

Quickly look up employee information, scan badges, and add new patient data in real time. Net Health® Mobile Immunization Tracking makes doing this critical work easier and more efficient, with a mobile app that allows up-to-date employee immunization from anywhere at any time.

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In a world growing ever more dependent on virtual care, you need to maintain regular communication and rapport with patients using secure videoconferencing.

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Business Insights for Employee Health

Why spend time running reports and processing data for your organizations’ leaders when your employees, volunteers and others you care for need you? Business Insights for Employee Health does that for you, making these tasks fast and simple, giving you back some valuable time.

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