December 2, 2020 | Net Health

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3 Ways RestorixHealth® Found Scalability Support for Its Growing Wound Care Operations

Nearly a decade ago, RestorixHealth®, a wound care company, partnered with Net Health to meet it’s EHR needs. At the time of the partnership, the company had 25 locations and was looking for ways to support future growth and expansion.  Here are three ways that Net Health’s wound care EHR solution supported scalability for RestorixHealth.

1. Standardization of Workflows

As our businesses expand, the challenge of keeping everyone on the same page with policies and procedures gets tougher. Net Health® Wound Care (formerly WoundExpert® ), a specialized wound care EHR solution, enables RestorixHealth’s parent organization and key decision-makers to create unified documentation templates for frontline workers that support the company’s desired policies and procedures. These policy-aligned templates can be pushed out to all 250 of RestorixHealth’s locations automatically. If a change is needed in how something is documented or how a wound is classified or what compliance wants, it can all be standardized across the board in one fell swoop.

“Net Health Wound Care allows us to ensure that the documentation to support billing is rock solid and consistent. We do very well in our audits. The hospitals do very well on their wound care audits, near 100% because of the strong documentation and our policies,” says Pat Mullally, Chief Information Officer and Chief Compliance Officer of RestorixHealth. 

Net Health Wound Care allows us to ensure that the documentation to support billing is rock solid and consistent.

2. Real-Time Compliance Support

There’s an old adage that says the second you buy a piece of technology, it’s already becoming outdated. This concern proved to be one of the main driving factors behind the company’s decision to partner with Net Health. Net Health’s solution is backed by an expansive compliance team focused on keeping its users ahead of the compliance curve. Regular and continual software updates are pushed out to support alignment with the industry’s ever-changing regulatory requirements. Where other companies may need to worry, RestorixHealth knew they were protected.

3. Audit Confidence

Standardized workflows and real-time compliance support worked in harmony to drive an arguably more important outcome— audit confidence. Having the appropriate documentation to support billing and defend treatment decisions is a critical element to the success of any business in the medical field. Without it, a business leaves itself open to missing out on hard-earned money it needs to survive and thrive.

Net Health Wound Care not only filled this void, but it did it in a way that leaders could be confident about. Instead of audits being something to fear, they became a competitive advantage that RestorixHealth can showcase to current and future partners.

Learn more about how RestorixHealth benefited from Net Health Wound Care.

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