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Business Intelligence: Solving the Data Dilemma for SNF Rehab Therapy

Imagine purchasing a new desk from IKEA only to find that, once you have it home, it came with no instructions. All the pieces are there (you think), including the trusty hex tool, but all you have to guide you through the assembly process is a vision of how the final product should look.

In a rehab therapy world increasingly driven by data, this is a scenario many of you as managers and directors of physical, occupational and speech therapy services encounter every day.

The Data Dilemma

Whether overseeing rehab therapy departments in skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), assisted living facilities (ALFs) or private practice, rehab providers are becoming more aware of the power of good data. And, many of you are becoming increasingly savvier in the various ways you can use data to achieve growth and success within your facilities.

Putting the data together in a useful way, however, can be both daunting and time-consuming. Even with great data, a solid vision, and a handy tool to help you out (i.e., Microsoft Excel), regularly running and analyzing meaningful performance reports can still overwhelm.

This can lead to inconsistent or incomplete reports, errors, and an overall inability to create facility-wide buy-in on your most important key performance indicators (KPIs).

Fortunately, the implementation of a comprehensive business intelligence (BI) tool can help your rehab therapy team overcome nearly all these issues.

Business Intelligence Guides Rehab Providers

A smart BI tool will not only guide you in building business and patient success around data. It will do most of the heavy lifting for you, providing dashboards from which you can easily assess performance throughout your rehab therapy team.

Net Health© Optima Facilities (SNF) Business Intelligence was designed to do just that.

This BI tool was built to support better decision-making based on data analytics and metrics. An easy-to-use dashboard tool, Net Health© Optima Facilities (SNF) Business Intelligence makes it possible for SNFs to access data metrics that:

  • Allow you to analyze operational, clinical and financial data efficiently and visually without first having to compile reports
  • Enable the proactive management of therapy operations and outcomes by providing easy-to-understand dashboards for meaningful performance insights
  • Offer enterprise-level roll-up analytics with the capability to “drill down” to facility- and patient-level metrics
  • Strengthen your compliance program through third-part analytics

And, thanks to a recent update, the dashboards featured within Net Health© Therapy for SNF Business Intelligence align even better with the current needs and realities faced by skilled nursing facilities.

What’s New with Net Health© Business Intelligence?

Our own Eddy Roumen, PT, Senior Solutions Specialist for Net Health© Therapy for SNF, outlined many of the updates and improvements to our BI tool during a recent webinar titled “Net Health Business Intelligence: What’s New, What’s Improved.”

During the webinar, Eddy provides information about the various KPI dashboards that make up the current version of Net Health© Therapy for SNF Business Intelligence. This includes auto-reporting capabilities, how analytical outliers can be easily identified through visual graphics, and ways to achieve a more granular look at specific performance metrics within individual dashboards.

If you feel that your rehab therapy organization could benefit from enhanced business intelligence, watch our webinar to learn more or contact us to schedule a personal demo of our BI tool.

On-Demand Webinar: Net Health Business Intelligence

What’s New? What’s Improved?

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